Morning Lessons


I awaken to light streaming in the eastern facing window that my bed is nestled up to. My horizontal perspective lends me a view of little clouds of snow that have settled upon the branches of the stately Ponderosa Pines standing as sentinels around my humble abode. The sapphire sky glistens like a fine cut gem through the reaching limbs of the trees.

The heat offered from the woodstove has dwindled through the evening hours. Now I can feel a perceptible coolness to the air that lies just outside the warm confines of my quilts. I nestle deeper into the cloud like fleece sheets that embrace me and gaze at the snow. This simple sight ignites a fire deep within my soul.

How could something as simple as snow hanging in the boughs of a tree bring such bliss to my being? My internal question is quickly answered by a band of acrobats. My attention is caught as the first one swing’s into view. A wee little soul that wears a mask, sings a song of joy, and dances through the trees. A Chickadee!

I shift my nest of blankets slightly so that I am able to follow these acrobats as they move to the tree that my suet covered pinecones hang in. I marvel as these little souls seem to rejoice in everything that they do. They drift from one branch to the next. They take turns fluttering up to a pinecone just long enough to snatch a morsel, and then retreat into the enfolding inner branches to consume their treasure.

Within the moments spent watching these sages, I am reminded that inner joy comes from truly being yourself, and living life within each moment. There is nowhere that is more tantalizing or fascinating than this moment. Nature so purely reflects this wisdom, and I can’t help but absorb this insight within every moment spent with her.


11 thoughts on “Morning Lessons

  1. There are then no horizontal or vertical limitations when one is blanketed fully by the fabric of True Nature. The four directions then cease to point to any conclusions which then fully collapse to reveal the endless bounty when all windows of opportunity are opened. May fresh Air Now tickle your lungs Always.

    • Mr. B,

      You inspire one to open all their internal windows and drift out into the endless energy of existence. To dance with the snow flakes is to live in a true limitless world.

    • Tammie,

      I am not only inspired by nature, but by other beautiful nature souls such as yourself! Thank you for sharing your shining perspective of the world around you. It is a true treasure.

  2. You take us on such poetic journey’s Stacey…what a gift you are and a joy it is to read your blog….I now wish to…. go dance in the wilderness….thank you! We have just a sprinkling of snow yet it’s twinkling glory delights me with every sparkle…joy! Wishing you a delicious day beautiful one. Love and peace, Marghanita xx

    • Marghanita,

      You are such a beautiful nature fairy. When ever I see photos of you, or your magical words I see your energy dancing in the essence of nature. I too am marveling at the sparkling snow, it is truly one of my favorite things, to see each granule of snow sparkle in the sunlight.

    • Arija,

      You are never away too long. Any visit from you is wonderful! I have been very poor at keeping up with visiting other blogs, and I am sorry I have not been around to yours in much too long!

  3. Wonderful. I am new to your blog and your writing. Enjoyed this post very much. I can relate to what you are feeling watching the birds go through the day, so joyous in the moment. Thank you for writing in the moment and sharing~

    • Kathy,

      So lovely to see a new soul at my blog! Thank you for taking the time to visit. Nature is so beautiful at teaching us to live in, and enjoy the moment! I truly feel blessed to be blessed with the time to immerse myself in nature. Thank you for your kind words!

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