A Walk Along a Wintery Pacific Crest Trail

A beautiful day of transition from Autumn to Winter,

We take a stroll along the Pacific Crest Trail.

The late afternoon light trickles across the golden branches of the larches.

The sky turns a deep sapphire,

showcasing the fresh flocking of snow.

Slate peak standing tall,

Watching over any of the last few hikers finishing their pilgrimage

Along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Old Man Winter unfurls his cloak upon the landscape.

Days of snowshoeing, and Evenings in front of the wood stove call to me.


8 thoughts on “A Walk Along a Wintery Pacific Crest Trail

  1. Thank you for sharing the wonders of your world of altitude and snow, of the late autimn leaves and clear air. It is always so rewarding to go with you on your hies.

    • Arija,

      It is always such a treasure to have you join me on my hikes! I wish that you could join me in real life for one!

    • Gaelyn,

      Indeed it is! With each snow fall we get here in the valley I ready myself for snowshoe season. The snow is not quite deep enough at this point for those adventures, but the rest of the winter gear has come out, and is getting ample use.

    • Becca,

      Thank you! Nature is my inspiration for life. She is such a beautiful teacher, and I am learning with time to allow myself to be enveloped by her more and more.

    • Ruthie,

      It is magical when the blanket of snow does gently nestle down over the landscape. It has come to the valley now, and I have to say that it is truly cozy.

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