Catching Up

Am I still here? Why yes I am.

And here is my blog, faithfully waiting until I feel inspired.

I hope all of you are enjoying a beautiful spring! (or fall if you are in the southern hemisphere!) What have all of you been up to?

My spring has been packed with ever changing energy. In April I took a Permaculture Design Course in Oregon. In so many ways this was a life changing experience for me. I am so inspired by Permaculture and all that it can do for us and the beautiful earth that we live on! And so now I am trying to figure out what ways I want to implement this new found passion and knowledge that I have in my life.

The first of May we packed up all of our belongings out of our little cabin and moved it all into storage at my parents house. We have been helping out around the property doing several garden projects, and helping my dad start out on a new adventure in making a living. He is making the shift from construction work (which is very hard on his body, especially at the age of 62) to making small projects out of his shop, like the Chicken Coop in the photos below! He has a wonderful place near by that will sell these projects for him.


Here Buddha and I are demonstrating the scale of the little chicken coop. Quite fashionable for a small flock!


And while Buddha thought it was quite nice, he wanted to get back home to his coop!


Here you can see the nest boxes on top, and then the storage area below that. Perfect for a couple buckets of feed.


And you can move it!

It was fun to be part of a new chapter in my dads life, and I hope it brings him relaxed days and great joy creating unique and fun projects in his shop!

We will be here for another week, and then we will be hiking the Oregon Coast Trail with some dear friends! It will be a beautiful month long hike enjoying the beauty of nature and the company of lovely people!

This is my life for now. I hope all of you have been well!


10 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Thanks for bringing us up to date. Another hike and along the OR coast should be magnificent. I like your Dad’s idea of slowing down and the rolling chicken coup is ingenious. (Could I pull it behind the 5er? 😉
    Permaculture. I’ll be interested where this takes you.

    We open next Tuesday and I feel ready.

    Have a great hike. And please post about it with photos when you’re able and willing.

  2. Tracy – your Dad’s chicken coop is beautiful. I love the Black Forest-style banding under the roof peak. And, it’s brilliant that one person can move it about like a wheel barrow.
    I hope you enjoy the summer’s trek, and am looking forward to living vicariously through your postings and pictures. Well done on doing the permaculture course – It is so gratifying to be involved in growing green living entities in a sensible, time, weather and terrain sensitive manner, and you’ll find much satisfaction in practising the knowledge you have gained. G

  3. Love the chicken house! Very cute. I’m dreaming of chickens, we’re hoping to buy a house this summer and then put in a huge garden and get some chickens and bees.

    Have a wonderful hike!

  4. hello lovely Stacey~

    I am wishing your papa wonderful abundance with his new venture! Awesome looking coop!

    and you, well i am wishing you, mister B and your friends a wonderful time on the trail. So fun that you do these walks.

    sending a warm smile.

  5. Stacey, an inspired soul always creates a path. All paths are equal. Each one invites recognition that joy is what we are made of. Joy is not created or obtained based on what you do or for how long. Its refreshing to know you can appreciate yourself whatever you do and relish the freedom to change when you feel ready for a new experience. Much love

  6. I love the chicken coop! Is that something you can ship? I am in the market for a chicken coop here so I can get my own little flock started 🙂

  7. Hello. My friend, Barbara Kelly, just emailed me a link to your blog. She said she met you while on vacation in CO last week . . . and that I would like you, because you were into the same kinda stuff that I’ve been interested in, but haven’t made the leap yet. I was telling her that she should build a chicken tractor a few months back – – but in reality – – I AM THE ONE who needs to build one. If you follow me on Pinterest you can view a folder that I made of a bunch of chicken tractor designs. Your dad’s coop design is great, but around where I live in North Texas, we would need the attached fenced-in yard to protect from dogs, racoons, red-tailed hawks, etc.

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