Becoming One With The Snow

Life is filled with Joy in each Moment.

It is all about letting it wash over you!


I did this several times under the trees in our yard.

Each time was a thrill, and made me laugh from the soul.



16 thoughts on “Becoming One With The Snow

  1. Cold snow… but funny, cause this warms me through and through. I enjoyed following the sequence of photos and reading your words. Stacey, what a delight. I can’t read this without grinning 🙂

    • Davina,

      Thank you! The photos accomplished their purpose then! To bring joy to others. The photos make me smile each time I look at them also, because I remember the feeling of being showered in snow. It was such a gentle and ticklish sensation.

    • Misti,

      Yes, we have been getting snow, snow and more snow! Its beautiful! We have been enjoying it, especially with a couple beautiful blue sky days lately!

    • Gaelyn,

      Hugs to you too! Yes, the winter wear is our main gear lately. Its been beautiful lately, although the snow storms make it a little challenging to get up to work some times! lol.

  2. I grinned the entire time I was looking at these Stacey! Thanks so much for sharing the joy! Never stop feeling the joy from such small things. xoxo

  3. Thanks for making me smile this morning! I love the sequence of your snow dousing- and the grin on your face is priceless! Let’s go play in the snow on Tuesday, the first day of spring!

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