Winter Awakens In The Mountains

Winter descends upon us.

A few days ago we went back up to Harts Pass,

which will probably be our last trip up there for this year.

While frolicking in the snow, these were the scenes that surrounded us.

In the first photo, a snowshoe hares tracks point straight to Slate Peak.

The beauty of walking a ridge is the amazing views that surround you in every direction.

The snow tells the tale of our wandering path.

A Mountain catching our attention this direction,

The snow sitting gracefully upon a tree drawing us that direction.

To me this looks like a family portrait with one inquisitive child standing on its own.

There are so many wonderful textures in the mountains.

And on a day like this, all highlighted with the elegance of winter first mantle of snow.

Some snow formations tell a tale of cold and windy nights.

Betraying the peaceful blanket that lays upon the ground.

And the Larch bid their farewell until their next season of warmth.

They put on their finest gown and dance one last time upon the white marble ballroom.

As I type this rain falls outside my window with chunks of snow in it,

I have watched the snow line drop on the hills around us all day.

This could be a first tease of winter,

or he could be settling in for the long haul.

Like a Ptarmigan shedding its summer plumage,

the Methow Valley is shedding its gown of yellows,

to slip on a cloak of white.


13 thoughts on “Winter Awakens In The Mountains

    • Katie,

      Thank you! Its always fun to see a new face here. It was a fun outing, and always amazing to see how snow settles on the landscape.

    • Gaelyn,

      I love the winter season for sure, but I am not so sure that I am quite ready for it. I have to say, all your beautiful pictures of the southwest are making me even more squeamish for the chilly weather that is settling in here. Although I know it can be chilly down there this time of year also.

  1. Hi Bern, This made me go ahhhhhhhh. đŸ™‚ I love the family portrait too. Amazingly peaceful white blanket. Loved the textures and the sky. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos and your thoughts. Renee

    • Renee,

      Indeed, much of this area makes me go ahhhh on a daily basis! I love it! And I love that I can remember each special moment of the year through photographs. If I didn’t have my camera I would have to learn how to paint! Although I have to say, I am not sure I have enough of an attention span to paint, hehe. Thank you for stopping by to look through my photos!


  2. The first glory of winter in your mountains. The third shot . . . a perfect Christmas card, the second last shows the perfect sculptress that nature is and all the rest just sheer beauty. Such a pity you will be leaving this wonderland.
    Love the snowshoe hare tracks. The last ime I saw one was in Norway.

  3. Aah!!! So magnificent.

    Once again thanks for sharing these images of your journeys. I live vicariously through you, in the spectacular scenes you present. Your words are so poetic and uplifting to the soul.

    Deep peace to you Stacey and Bernie!

  4. Stacey, hello!
    your post with it’s prose and images is a wonderful delight.
    thank you for sharing your time in the wild with us. such grand beauty.
    sending joy.

  5. What a great wind-blown shot! Hard to imagine how the trees survive the icy cold. Glad you followed in hare’s tracks – they led you to beautiful vistas.

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