Morning Moods of the Methow

This collection of photos is from one morning up at Sun Mountain.

It shows how the feel of the valley changes on a moments notice some times.

This time of year the Methow Valley wakes up in a bit of a fog.

Only being coaxed out of its slumber when the strength of the sun penetrates through the layers,

illuminating the golden hills and blazing aspens.

The sleepy energy of fall is swept down the valley with the fog,

and we are blessed with moments of an Indian summer.

Fall descends upon us.

The trees are changing,

The Garden is done,

And the crispness of the air alerts us that winter is soon to awaken.

Welcome to Fall Everyone!

I played around with a panoramic program, stitching several photos together.

And while it is not perfect (you can see a stitch line),

its a fun perspective to have.

This is truly what the view looks like up there.


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