The Dynamic Methow

Another reason I really do enjoy working mornings is the beautiful light of the early hours.

The other morning as I pulled into the employee parking lot at work this is what I saw.

I stopped in the middle of the parking lot, jumped out to take this picture, and then drove to the other end to park.

After doing my prep work first thing at work I looked out the dinning room window and saw this.

I am so glad I am bringing my camera to work with me now.

This is what I love.

You just can’t beat that early morning light.

There is something so dynamic about the Methow Valley in the early morning.


8 thoughts on “The Dynamic Methow

  1. OH!!! These have such a primordial feel to them, dear Stacey. As if I was looking at the very “Dawn of Time”.

    You are living proof that we can find wonder ALL around us, even when we are at “work” and might think that the only way can experience wonder is to be somewhere else instead of at work. But you are connecting with what you love even in these early morning moments.

    Another person might just pull into the parking lot, get out, and not even see the beauty because there whole mind is focused what they do NOT love (work) instead of what they (DO) love, such as nature or beauty or love or laughter. There are chances all around to engage LIFE and LOVE. Bless you beautiful innocent soul for seeing this AND living it.

    So much love to you. What a beautiful soul you are. Rob

    • Robin,

      That’s such a great way of putting it! This area has a very primordial feel to it! I think that is what touches so many people when they really feel this area!

      In so many ways it is the nature of this area that keeps me going at work. While the work is not bad, it is not my life dream for sure. It is taking moments to just gaze at the wonder that surrounds me that fills my soul with peace.

    • Misti,

      It really is! It is no wonder that Sun Mountain Lodge is a popular place for people to vacation. You can’t beat the setting!

  2. Hi Bernie — Wow, what a beautiful place to work! How do you concentrate on anything besides these amazing vistas and what’s continually going on with the light, the clouds, the seasons, critters…?

    • Jeffrey,

      Sometimes it is so very easy to be distracted from work by this view. And I often tell people we offer breakfast and a show, because on the hill right below the dinning room, there is often many forms of wildlife simply going about their daily business, keeping us all entertained.


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