A Blessed and Snowy Adventure

Thursday evening we drove up to the Harts Pass area.

Arriving at the Pacific Crest Trail parking area right at dark,

we got out of the car to discover two thru hikers camping right there.

After a lovely conversation and a congratulations on their nearing accomplishment,

we started off on the trail.

A  five mile night hike along the PCT, a fun adventure.

The moon was shining bright, and the trail felt smooth.

After some late night and early morning snow,

we spent a little time exploring the area around our camp spot.

The sun did not emerge as we had hoped, but teased us with little glimpses here and there.

We continued down the trail a couple more miles.

We were treated with a few moments of sun gracing the landscape around us.

And blessed with the experience of the larches changing colour.

And on our return visit we were blessed with several very special wildlife encounters.

A Golden Eagle drifted upon a thermal, gently raising into the sky.

Then we happened upon a family of 5 ptarmigan.

What gentle and sweet souls they were.

They so enjoyed our presence, that we were able to walk with them for about a quarter of a mile.

They simply wandered along the trail in front of us,

sometimes dipping down below the trail,

and returning to visit with us as we all strolled along.

When they finally decided to wander down the hill and say their goodbyes, we continued along.

Then what would be lumbering along the trail in front of us?

A Porcupine!

What an amazing treat it was to see this grand creature.

He waddled down the trail in front of us, his quills gently swaying back and forth.

His nervousness got the better of him, and he started trotting a little faster.

Eventually he found a stand of trees next to the trail to hide himself in,

and after talking to him for a few minutes we said our goodbyes and continued on.

It was an invigorating, exciting, and blessed trip.

To see Bernie’s perspective on our outing, visit Here.


9 thoughts on “A Blessed and Snowy Adventure

  1. oh my, your photos are gorgeous as can be, a magical realm made just for you
    also to read of your tale was lovely
    i am smiling, so happy that you give yourselves these adventures.

    • Tammie,

      I really wish we had been blessed with more sunshine, as the photos would have turned out better than they did. Although I am finding that I do enjoy the drama of the clouds and fog. It is fun to play with. I am glad to be fitting some of these adventures in before winter fully descends upon us. I hope you are enjoying fall in your corner of the beautiful Rockies!

    • Arija,

      There really is something magical about strolling by moonlight. It is a peaceful and calming time of the day. Seeing all those creatures made me giddy as we walked back home.

  2. Such a great way to reconnect to the mountains around you and the wildlife welcomed you as well. Bernie’s shot of the snow on the Larch is awesome but makes me cold. And it’s really cold enough here right now.

    • Gaelyn,

      Yes, I love Bernie’s shot of the Larch also. Very dramatic and telling of the weather that had been happening up there. I am glad it is not quite that cold down here in the valley yet. It will be here soon enough!

  3. Dear Stacey!

    I loved reading about your hike and adventures! The photos are so breathtaking. I was really taken aback by all the snow – looks like you by-passed fall and went straight into winter 😉

    And the wildlife adventures – how awesome that must have been! I am in awe also of how tame they seem, not running away or being frightened, but rather being in peace around you both – I know that has a lot to do with both of your energies 🙂

    Thank you for sharing all this!

    • Evita,

      Yes, if one wants to experience winter around here, you simply need to head into the mountains. It can be an ominous thing to look at the peaks around here and watch the snow slowly descend down the slopes. Thankfully it is still at the top reaches for now, but it is letting us now winter is not too far away. I do love the snow, but I am not sure I am quite that ready for it!

      Any interaction with wildlife always makes me giddy! As I have shared before, I always have the desire to pet any wildlife that I come across, these interactions were no different. I really wanted to pet both the ptarmigan and the porcupine. Neither let me get quite that close, but we were very close. There is something so magical about getting close to wildlife and having the opportunity to just be in their presence. And I am always so honored when they trust me enough to spend some time with them. I also saw your response on your blog that you and Markus both enjoyed the experience of petting Bumble Bees. It is oh so fun isn’t it? It truly is a gidddy experience. I love that you both had the joy of interacting with these little souls! Perhaps you will catch the bug of wanting to touch as many creatures as possible. hehe.

      Thank you for coming to visit, and sharing in our adventures!

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