Same Place Different Perspective

This view gets me through days at work when I feel a little cloudy within.

Some mornings I will be flying around the dinning room serving people their food,

and I will come to a table where the people don’t even realize I am there,

because they are absorbing the view.

In one instant I am reminded to stop,

and once again take a moment to absorb the beauty that nature is sharing so freely with me.

This view from the dinning room is one of the reasons I went back for my old job.

If you have to work, how can you beat looking out across this scene each morning.

The view across the Methow Valley can be so dynamic.

I truly love watching how it changes each and every day.

I wish I had my camera with me yesterday, it was so amazingly beautiful up there.

And so I am going to try to remember to bring my camera with me each morning.

This was today’s feel upon the mountain.


6 thoughts on “Same Place Different Perspective

  1. Oh, dear sweet Stacey, this is SO beautiful. You brought tears to my eyes. What a soul you are. Your passion for life, nature, being alive is something I sooooooo relate to. I was out in my garden yesterday picking all my green tomatoes to turn into raw green tomato pickles, and raw salsa, etc., and I thought of you.

    I also had waaaay more tomatoes than I thought. I thought it was just under 200 (last count) but the final tally was over 300 tomatoes on just SIX plants. So amazing. Also, bringing in huge punkins, some zucchini, summer squash, second crop of green beans that Stephen planted, more herbs, cukes, etc. will freeze or pickle it all. I so love it.

    Your photo here is pure grandeur. It reminds me of overlooks in the jungle when the misty, rain laden clouds rolled down over the mountains, like some prehistoric, truly ancient force come to take back the land.

    Have you had time to try the pickles? I am making yet more today. Just remember don’t throw out the juice after your done eating them, drink it, use it on salads, etc. It is SO good for the guts, better than yogurt. Believe me, you will “move” like you’ve never “moved”. LOLOL!!! 🙂 🙂

    I admire your courage and tenacity with your job, and looking for the beautiful things in it, claiming those moments of wonder. I love you, always. Robin

  2. oh, how wonderful that you have this view at work! Gorgeous and soothing.
    It was fun to read about your night walk. I seem to be fine if I am walking with other people, strong and brave for them. But if I am alone doing that, well yes the fears do seem to rise. xo

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