The Beauty of Gold

On Saturday we went for a beautiful hike along Gold Ridge near Slate Peak.

The magical thing about the Harts Pass area is that you gain all of your elevation driving.

Then when you get out to hike, you are on top of the world.

We had never hiked Gold Ridge before, and were so glad that we did.

The 360 degree views are amazing up there.

All around us there were all kinds of different valleys and Mountains.

We could even see down into the Methow Valley.

The ridge itself even changed with every step we took.

Look at all those amazing jagged peaks in the background.

The North Cascades are just amazing.

There is something so raw and spectacular about every section of the Mountains that surround us here.

We had SO much snow this winter, and such a late spring/summer,

that we have large patches of snow still up in the mountains.

This was a very unusual year as far as weather goes.

As we turned around to return home,

the evening light kissed the mountains all around us.

I love the pink hue that the bewitching hour casts upon the landscape.

In the two photos above you can see the tower that is perched upon Slate Peak.

And right before we made it back to the car we were blessed with a sunset.

Above you can see Jack Mountain on the right, and Mount Baker in the center.

I always love seeing this side of mount baker,

as I grew up on a property that looks at the other side of

this majestic mountain.

I can’t help but wonder if my parents are looking at the mountain at the same time as I am.

What a beautifully healing hike this was for my soul!

I am glad we had the chance to explore a new hike!


18 thoughts on “The Beauty of Gold

    • Tammie,

      I find that in the mountains I feel most at peace. There is simply something about those grand vistas that not only brings peace to ones soul, but also inspires in so many ways. I simply point the camera and take a picture, the landscape provides the beauty that shines through in my photographs.

  1. There IS something magical about the Cascades. Glad you got out to hike. If our cold weather is any indication it will be another strange weather year. Already had some snow.

    • Gaelyn,

      I love to imagine you exploring this area during your time spent here. There is something so magical about seeing an area through other peoples perspectives. We all see it a little differently don’t we?

      And yes, I sense the same thing about the weather. Ours is starting to bob up and down. I was hoping that our summer would draw out for a little bit, but it simply looks as if it will not happen. And snow already for you? Wow! So sad that summer is coming to an end already!

    • Misti,

      I know you and Chris would adore the North Cascades! There are so many wonderful trails to explore around here. And each one has a slightly different feel. You guys will see it when you hike the PCT some day! Its a great way to finish up the trail.

    • Jeffrey,

      Aww, Thank You! Nature inspires me in so many ways, it is easy to feel alive and creative when I am immersed in her energy!

  2. Oh Dear Stacey, the beauty of your area always takes my breath away! The landscape is incredible with all those mountains and peaks!

    What a beautiful time you both must have had indeed. And yes, funny to see the snow still…it will be back, before it fully leaves I guess.

    • Evita,

      You can see why I was drawn back to this place to spend some more time. My soul sighs each time I come back through here. It is such an inspiring and peaceful place to live. I wish I had made it outside more this summer to absorb all that nature shares with us here. It is never ending beauty. I am a mountain soul for sure!

      Yes, this was a year of the glaciers growing instead of shrinking I believe. And the snow will be back before I am ready for it I am afraid. But with it will come a time of relaxation and cozyness!

    • Marcie,

      Thank You! When you have a palate of never ending beauty such as the mountains around here, it is easy to capture stunning photos. One simply must point the camera in one direction and shoot (well ok, it takes a little more vision than that at times, but you get the point) lol.

  3. Dearest grace-filled Stacey, I can hardly believe these photos and your beautiful writing. I wish I was there with you both on this hike. I think I would lay right down on the Earth and weep, joyous, passionate, in love, tears. My gift to Mother Earth. I look at these photos and can’t feel anything BUT intense love for Earth. I can’t feel anything BUT the intense wonder of it all, where I have come from, who I am, WHAT I am. The colors, shapes, and sounds (although they are only photos I DO hear the soft evening sounds). Been thinking much about you. You are always with me dear soul. So much going on here. Hope to at some point catch up. I love you dear friend. You are so so beautiful, just FILLED with Earth’s grace. Never doubt it. You SHINE in a way that is beyond words. Love, Robin

    • I know that you would love wandering the North Cascades as much as we do. There is so much stunning beauty here. Pure nature in so many ways. One cannot help but be in awe by all the details that surround them here. I know you can feel all of it through my photos, you are a master at this! We will catch up some day, when ever feels right for you on your journey! Love to you!

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