A Colourful Bounty

Having a garden brings such peace to my soul.

And when colour starts to show up,

I get all giddy!

My first Calendula has been blooming the last several days.

I get lost in the beauty of each bloom.

Calendula is a wonderful herb to have in the garden also.

They attract beneficial insects.

The petals are edible and can be used to brighten up a salad,

or add colour to a tea mix.

You can also make a wonderful healing salve with the flowers.

The tender first leafs of lettuce look oh so yummy!

I thinned out a few of my radishes already,

and snacked on their little bulbs.

What scrumptious little spicy guys!

Who knew that pea blossoms could be so beautiful!

These ones are bringing great beauty to the garden before they

provide us with crisp, yummy snacks!

I am just in love with all these colours.

What a wonderful salad this is going to make soon!

And I am perhaps the most excited about my first Sun Gold tomato that is

almost ripe!!

I have a small obsession with tomatoes, and there is little else that tastes

so amazing coming straight from the garden.

So this is how  my garden grows at the moment.

When I look at the big picture it does not look like a whole lot is happening out there yet.

But when I got down and personal with each item, I can see that my bounty has

already started!

What does your garden look like?


11 thoughts on “A Colourful Bounty

  1. Sungold’s are one of my favorite grape tomatoes! I save seeds every year that I grow them!

    our garden is turning into toast–100+ degree heat is not good!

    • Misti,

      Whew! I bet your garden is roasting in that heat! And you too! But I bet you started planting things MONTHS before we did! I hope all is well with you!

  2. Not as far along as yours! I may have to come up there and snag that tomato (I have an obsession with home-grown ones, too), Can’t grow them at my altitude though.

  3. Oh how I miss fresh lettuces and tomatoes from the garden. I especially love to eat the tomatoes right off the vine, sun warmed and bursting with flavor. But alas, no vegies growing at the NR. Besides I seem to have a black thumb. Your garden looks divine Stacey.

  4. This reminds me that I have to get my radishes sown. My garden looks foul when you loo across it, ah, but when you get down and dirty, there is quite a lot there.
    Is there anything better than grazing in your own veggie patch? Did you know that you can use calendula petals as false saffron in your baking? They tint the dough golden and have a delicious flavour and aroma.
    If you raided your mother’s tomato patch as I did, no wonder you are obsessed by them.
    Keep up the good work and lovely photos.

  5. I love Calendula for IBS flare-ups too. It is a very powerful (and beautiful) medicine to have in your garden. I have a teeny little potted/patio herb garden and am thinking of adding this cheery little one!

  6. ah, you are growing beauty
    nourishment and nurturing life. your garden looks heavenly and yummy too. Thank you for sharing what you are breathing life into.

  7. Follow what this is about for you. It is about inner resonance. It is not gardening but how you feel about it, the intent behind it. It takes courage to listen to the heart until what comes naturally presents without resistance. Consciousness knows nothing is there. The nothing is self-conscious. One is forever awake. There is already here.

  8. What a wonderful garden and great pictures of it’s growing beauty. I love seeing my garden develop there is such a warm feeling in my heart and you expressed it well.

  9. These photos are ravishing beauties. 😀

    With all the rain we have been getting here in BC, my lettuce and kale looks great but with beans and tomatoes we will have to be hopeful this year.

    Thanks for sharing your bounty!

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