Finding My Nature in Nature

I love how patiently the blog sits here waiting for me to be inspired.

The truth is I have been visiting my blog on a weekly basis, sometimes more,

but I simply have not been inspired to post anything.

Even when the desire to sit down and do a post overcame me,

I still could not get inspired as to what to share.

Until today.

So what have I been doing with my time?

Working, and enjoying nature!

Four to Five days a week my day starts at 6 am driving up to Sun Mountain Lodge.

I serve breakfast in a dinning room with one of the most beautiful views one could have

working in a restaurant.

Often being finished at about noon, I have the rest of the day to absorb nature in

one way or another.

So with this time we have been enjoying some beautiful local hikes.

We are blessed with a trail that starts practically right across the street from us.

It climbs up the hillside to a ledge that rewards the hiker with a

spectacular view up and down the valley.

It is a truly magical place to enjoy the beauty of our neighborhood.

The rocky outcroppings up there have been covered with Lewisia this last month.

These flowers never cease to take my breath away.

They are little souls that seem to be glowing from within.

I am so often reminded of the beauty that the Methow Valley embraces.

I truly feel blessed to live in such a beautiful corner of the world.

One of the reasons I love living in the Methow Valley is the abundance of

trails to explore.

One can scarcely drive anywhere around here without seeing a trail head sign.

Going up the Robinson Creek trail afforded me this opportunity to work more on my

fear of crossing logs over creeks.

I do just fine balancing on a log that is on land, but all that rushing water beneath me

gives me horrible vertigo, and I always feel as if I am going to plummet off the log.

So far I have managed to always stick to the log, but the feeling is never a pleasant one,

and often overtakes me with varying levels of fear.

I went back and forth several times, a feat that was made easier by the comfort of having a log

on each side of the log that I was traversing.

With time, practice and allowing I find these types of fears melting away.

Each fear that I overcome brings more peace to my being in each moment.

Nature is such an amazing teacher.

Through the last 9 years, all the time that I have spent outside,

she has reflected back to me everything that I am.

If I fear something, inevitably I will walk around the corner and there nature will be

with my next lesson.

There are many afternoons that I come home from work,

and make my way out into the garden.

This is a shared garden space, so my space is the long raised bed that you can see in both photos,

and another slender patch along the fence line that my tomatoes are growing in.

I love the process of a garden.

There is something so satisfying about watching a plant grow from a seed that you tucked into the soil.

And then to be able to harvest a bounty from those plants.

What an amazing feeling! Not to mention a treat for the taste buds!

I can hardly wait until everything fills in more, and the whole garden bed looks lush and vibrant.

It is within these little moments that I feel the most connected with Everything.

Often my inner stories melt away, and I find myself captivated in awe with the beauty and

wonder that surrounds me.

There is something so deeply satisfying to be out enjoying the dirt in one way or another.

Last night I was laying in the hammock, enjoying a few moments of relaxing,

when I hear a flutter right next to my head.

I looked over to see a junco  with a mouthfull of bugs and worms.

It gave me a quick glance and then dissapeared into the little bush.

A chorus of little voices immediately followed.

Of course I had to go get a look at her little brood. What sweet little chicks they are!

I wagged my finger at them, and gave a little cluck.

I was rewarded with a song of excitement and four little gaping red holes.

How do you enjoy nature?


14 thoughts on “Finding My Nature in Nature

  1. Lovely blog! I miss your writings but understand how life takes us away. Nature is beautiful! I’ve seen some wonderful things lately, too!

    • Misti,
      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have been spending much more time out in nature than I have in the online world. I need to visit your blog to see what beautiful things you have been experiencing also! Isn’t it magical being out in nature?

  2. I too have missed your posts yet am glad you are out enjoying the nature around you. The garden looks great.

    I’m out in nature almost every day here at the canyon. Today was exceptionally nice away from the Lodge and visitor center area. Will post about it tomorrow.

    • Gaelyn,
      How sweet! I am sorry I have not been making it over to your blog much either. I just have not been involved with the online world lately. The most I get around to doing is facebook, and not much at that.

      I have no doubt that you get to see wonder in each moment at the canyon! I will have to pop on over to your blog to see what wonders you have been experiencing!

  3. Overcoming our fears can be very challenging. I always stick with the maxim ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and somehow I seem to muddle through. Those flowers really do look like reawakened souls.

    • Arija,
      Thank you for coming over to visit my blog! Its always such a treat to see you here. I have learned from some amazing people (including Robin below) that the only way to deal with a fear is to simply face it! And so through the years I have worked through them bit by bit. I appreciate all that I have learned and overcome. And I look forward to overcoming more.

      I hope all has been well for you lately!

    • Robin,
      As always, I know you understand exactly how I have been feeling about the online world lately. I actually want to write you an e-mail about all that, I believe I will go do that right now! Hugs dear soul!

    • Marcie,
      It is indeed one of the most beautiful places on earth. In my travels I have seen some beautiful areas, but I have to say the Methow Valley is still one of my absolute favorites. And I am often reminded just how blessed I am to live here. Just when I might start to take things for granted, I am often faced with a scene that just takes my breath away.

  4. The sun shines through you and all you feel intimately connected to. So wonderful to feel the uplifting energy you convey through you words and also in the gaps between them. You remind readers that being one with nature, and interacting with it heart and soul enables people to recognize how it feels to be one with everything.

    • Liara,
      Nature has been the place that has brought me back to experiencing being one with everything around me. And then I am able to take that wisdom into other parts of my life. Often with my posts on here I feel that the photos can speak volumes more than any words I can put down to explain them, so it feels natural to allow them to stand on their own sometimes.

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