To me spring is a fine maiden, surrounded by a great flowing gown of color and vibrancy. A master in the art of teasing, she knows we long to be swept away in a passionate love affair with her. Hiding behind old man winters cloak, she peeks out at us. Like a lover she reveals little bits of herself, a glimpse of her rich brown hair in the earth. A peek at her green stockings in the little strands of grass and seedlings. And with those first brave flowers that start the whole celebration, we even see wisps of her colorful gown dancing across the landscape.

  We know she is there, we can hear her giggles reflected in the spring waters bubble and flow as they are released from winters grasp. Whispered promises are carried to us upon gentle breezes. She is singing a soft lullaby, gently sending old man winter into his slumber. Like a child trying to protest the inevitable nature of sleep, he tries to hold onto his reign of the land, tossing out a tantrum or two before he can no longer resist the call of dream land.

  Spring’s song tickles its way into our soul. The long gentle lullaby tucking winter into dream land seems to last an eternity. Like lovers separated for too long, we are drawn into a fever at the thought of spring’s arrival. Eagerly we watch out our window, waiting for her to come sweeping toward our doorstep. What could be taking so long? Where is she? Could she have forgotten us?

  And then all at once, in a great flourish of color, there she is. Taking us by the hand she whisks us off in the great dance of life. Oh how our heart flutters as we whirl around, our souls growing drunk on the sweetness of her perfume.

  Everything around us celebrates this moment. We move from the quiet, muffled sigh of winter into a full out orchestration. The colorful song birds form one layer of springs billowing skirts. They dance with her, following her journey north. Their voice’s are her voice, a beautiful melody singing life into the landscape.

  I can feel the energy stir. A vibration starts within the land, and everything I see is bursting with excitement. The birds busily flit from home site to home site. They feel life stirring around them, and within them. The draw to bring new life into the world drives them to find the perfect place to raise this years brood.

  As soon as the soil warms and is kissed by the sun, plants waste no time in reaching for the sky. Some send up flowers before their foliage, a pure celebration of the season. I love watching the plants grow throughout the spring and summer. Everything has its moment, some plants bloom early. Others provide a sturdy green backdrop to showcase the first flowers, and then later in the season they step forward delight all with their performance.

  Nature is a master composer and conductor, laying out her symphony of the seasons. How many of us really slow down long enough to really enjoy her masterpiece? Have you gotten lost in her melody lately?




24 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Stacey, this is So beautifully written. I am moved by your magical words and I thank you for reminding me to slow down, and take it all in. Your words flow like the waters of a soft spring melt. I cannot say enough. You have outdone yourself. I can feel a peace within you.

    • Gaelyn,

      What can I say, your words simply warm my heart to the core! Thank you! You are so sweet, and I deeply appreciate your kindness! I am glad that you enjoyed my writing, and I hope through it I can inspire more people to enjoy nature in as many ways as they can. Hugs!

  2. Stacey, I love nature. So many beautiful things to see and enjoy. It really is the great spirit, our gentle mother. Beautifully written. Much love 🙂

    • Simon,

      I am touched by nature more each and every year I am alive. It is as if she is absorbing me further into her with each moment, and I hope that I can inspire others to open their mind, body and soul to her even more! Thank you! Much love to you kind soul!

    • Marcie,

      It is such a simple photo of a little flower, but I was SO excited to find this yellow bell. My first true wildflower of the season! They are such sweet little celebrations of the first wave of spring. I can’t wait to take pictures of many more!

    • Julie ~ xoxo

      Thank you! It is a bit of a love song is it not? I do have to say I feel in love with the fresh energy that spring brings around!

    • G,

      Spring is such a special season, one that inspires so many beings to open up and show their full glory. She inspires me in so many ways, and I can’t wait to experience even more of her as more and more wildflowers emerge!

      Its lovely to see you online again!

  3. Stacey, this is beautiful! Springs gorgeous tale and dance with the end of winter. Have you considered sending this out to twenty newspapers to see if anyone prints it? Might at least offer it to your local paper!

    • Dearest Tammie,

      I would love to send it out and see if anyone would publish it. I am slowly working up the courage to submit work to magazines and newspapers. It would be a fun adventure to be published!

  4. Hey sweetie, wow i looove the picture you have painted with your beautiful words, that was a piece of magic indeed, such a perfect vision of Spring. Thank you for making me smile. I love to see Spring arriving and read her messages left, our new wee house is helping so much as at last we are living surrounded by beautiful scottish countryside and already i am so much more aware & feel so much more in tune with nature, its wonderful. ps i hope to get your wee parcel sent out v soon. Hope u guys are well x x

    • Hi Sweet Ruthie!

      Oh, such a treat your comment is! Full of such beauty and love! I would love to see lots of photos of all the beauty that surrounds your new little cottage!

      I find myself falling more and more in love with nature with each moment!

      Thank you for all your kind words, and friendship!

    • Thank you Susan!

      There is so much from nature that we can slow down and enjoy, I hope that I am able to inspire others to enjoy all that she has to offer!

    • Sherry,

      Isn’t it wonderful being so intimately connected with Nature? I am finding that she has always been my true lover also, I just didn’t know it for a little while.

      Thank you for your kindness, and beauty!

  5. Stacey,

    I’m so happy I clicked your comment to find your blog! This is such a beautiful description of springtime, truly a dance with nature. It makes me want to be totally engrossed in nature. I feel too disconnected living in the city. I’m about to leave my job and go spend time on an organic farm/homestead. I will definitely get lost in nature’s melody then! 😀

    • Lynn,

      What a treat to see you here! Thank you for taking the time to visit. How so very exciting that you will be spending time on an organic homestead! I hope you have a most magical time there, and that each day is touched by nature.

      There is something so magical about being engrossed in nature, she holds so much love for each of us!

      I look forward to visiting your blog again in the future!

  6. Nature offers endless lessons in unconditional love. What you notice is a reflection of timeless oneness. When n sync with nature, you resonate with one Voice. Everything exists in perfection, interdependence and symbiosis. We are like water. We are energy changing forms and vibrating at different frequencies. Everyone teaches every moment, without effort. We go with our own flow or struggle against it. The moment you adopt any belief, you live your life by it and teach through example. Awareness watches all.

    • ❤ Liara…. "We are like water. We are energy changing forms and vibrating at different frequencies" Yes! We are influenced by our surroundings at all times, and our surroundings are influenced by us. When we let go and allow we get to flow with the energy that surrounds us, enjoying a peaceful gentle experience.

  7. As you embrace with certainty all you are, you experience and share perfect, divine love. Call is awakening, reawakening, being, self-acceptance or call it nothing. Deep down, the soul knows what it knows in silence. It has nothing to prove.

  8. So beautifully written, Stacey. You are clearly involved in a beautiful love affair with Mother Nature 🙂 Your expression of this in your writing is beautiful. This gave me chills.

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