What do you see?



What do you see in your world?

Do you see the shadows?

Do you see the light?

Do you see somewhere in between?


We all reflect something different into the world around us.


Can you see what someone else sees?

What do you want to see in your life?


21 thoughts on “What do you see?

    • Thank you Alberto! Nature provides the beauty, I just come along with my camera and try to capture the feeling that I get from her.

  1. There is so many layers of beauty in your photograph and in your words Stacey.

    I love the entire package. Therefore, I see your love for life in your Still Photo.

    • Bern, Thank you for seeing the layers of beauty within me! Your loving words encourage me on so many levels!

    • Sally, I am loving the beauty of our snow, but I can not deny that I am looking forward to spring and all the beautiful life that she brings with her!

  2. Dear sweet Stacey, this is exquisite!!!! I love the snow when it looks like this. I love your words. I love your beautiful grace and open heart. I love you. So much beauty here.

    I see life as infinite possibilities, so much magic, hope, vastness, and love.

    I think of you all the time.

    You are precious gift in my life and to the world. Love what you are sharing these days. WOW!!! 🙂 🙂 HUGE HUGS, R

    • Robin,

      You inspire such love and peace in each moment! With so few words you can take my breath away, and warm my heart!

      You are a master at seeing all that life truly is, and the role that we play within it. You are a great teacher!

      You are always in my heart and mind! Thank you for being part of my life, and I look forward to the day we get to spend time in person!

    • Gaelyn, Love is the most powerful thing to see in the world! I LOVE that you are part of my life, and share your love with me! Thank you!

  3. Hi Stacey, A wonderful photo to go with your post. I always hope that I might see the full picture and not be so quick to gravitate to one thing or another.

    • Barb,

      Isn’t that one of the greatest challenges of this thing called life? Seeing the greater picture? I sense that you do it well!

  4. Hi Stacey

    What a photo! The first thing I saw in it, was shadows of Mother Nature’s strands of hair, amidst a sparkling backdrop!

    How true! We all see the world so differently. I always say there are as many different view points and ways to see or perceive the world, as there are people in the world.

    • Evita,

      I LOVE what you saw within the photo. I had not thought of that, Mother Nature’s hair…… such a beautiful thought and image!

      I think that is one of the greatest lessons for me in life, that we all see things differently. This can be challenging to remember sometimes.

    • Marcie,
      Thank you! When I saw these shadows I was just drawn to them. Nature never ceases to amaze me with her simple beauty! I love getting lost in the small details!

  5. Absolutely beautiful words and art. I think your blog is my new favorite 🙂 When I see this photo, I feel spiritual. I will spare you the sermon, but to me, this photo represents are reminder that we as human beings will never fully comprehend the beauty, mercy, and magnitude of God’s Love; however, we are constantly seeking this very thing.

    • Becca,
      Well thank you!! I am honored to be your new favorite! I enjoy sharing the things that speak to me in nature, and life. Your words are filled with wisdom, we are in search of that beautiful energy that Being provides us!

  6. Stacey, the depth of love and appreciation you feel for Nature speaks through the stilness of this photo. Twinkles that stand out are like specks of cosmic light. These pinches of stardust or immeasurable kisses blown into the wind, pass through wrinkles in time to reside forever in eternity. Infinite blessings to you.

    • Pure poetry Liara! I cherish your reflections and expressions! “Twinkles that stand out are like specks of cosmic light” Just beautiful! It is amazing to see all that is reflected in moments such as this photo. That is why photography can be such a powerful artform, it captures those moments for us to share and reflect upon. It can take us back to that moment, and we can feel it deep within.

  7. Enter the magical realms whenever you choose. It is quite easy to experience inter-dimensional travel. You are already in more than one place in the same moment. You are that twinkling speck of cosmic light, the intricate, miniature snowflakes and the enchanted worlds that exist beneath it. Every perspective is you. Simply shift attention and be the conscious awareness of whatever touches your heartstrings.

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