Do What You Love



  While writing lately I have been reflecting upon my passions. After all it is easiest to write about things that you are passionate about. This has been leading to me thinking about how our society often encourages people to NOT follow their passions.

  I often wonder how we arrived at this place. How have we convinced ourselves that others are right when they tell us our dreams are simply not practical? How can we tell ourselves this? When talking to people about my lifestyle, a very common question is “How do you afford to take the time to do that?”. How can I afford not to?

  What are your passions? Are you doing what you love to do? If not, what excuses have you told yourself? It is easy to create many more excuses of why not to do something, than why to do something. Even I fall into this pattern at times.

  Currently I am out of money, and have been feeling rather sorry and stressed out for myself that first of all I can not find an immediate job, and secondly that I need to get a job to earn money in the first place. It is a great lesson for me to go through. One of learning to trust the rhythm of life, and that everything is a balance. It helps me to look outside of the box also. I was assuming that I would be able to at least do little odd jobs for people until businesses in this area started hiring again, and that just has not happened. And so I am dreaming outside of the box, working at coming up with possible alternatives. This is still a work in progress, but instead of allowing myself to be stressed out that things did not happen as I pictured, I am turning it into a passion.

  Sometimes life does hand us moments that diverge slightly from what we had envisioned, but it is valuable to reflect on how it might be best in the larger picture. What did this moment bring into our lives? Currently I am practicing writing, perhaps I would not have even started that if I had started a job right away. Perhaps writing will become a means of earning some money. It is valuable to look at how things might be working for us, instead of thinking they are all working against us.

  Anyways, back to my main thought. It is no wonder that our society is so out of balance when a small percentage of people are actually following their passions. Sometimes this starts at an early age, when the adults around us tell us to stop dreaming, and become part of the “real world”. For others it starts when we are in college or enter the work force. We might start out in the direction of our passions, but quickly give up when a couple obstacles pop up in front of us. Instead of looking at these as building moments, we give up with no hope. It is most valuable to be able to pick yourself up after a failure of any type, and be able to move forward with passion still. Sometimes we try something and find out that it just wasn’t what we pictured, and as it turns out isn’t the best path for us. This is a great realization, because it frees us to go explore in other directions and find that thing that is right for us.

  I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people that are following their dreams, and some that are just starting on the path of Do What You Love. I am inspired and in awe of each and every one of them. I hope that each person that has found their passion in life, and given themselves permission to follow them, will encourage others around them to follow their own path to bliss.

  So here is the question of the moment, How are you following your Dreams? Do you Do What You Love? Do you Love What You Do?


And a little PS to add onto the end here, after I wrote this we got in the car to come to the library to go online. When we got into the parking lot, a lady I used to work with last time I lived here pulled up and asked if I was still looking for work, and to come into the place she is working in the morning. Hah, the Universe has interesting ways of working.


4 thoughts on “Do What You Love

  1. Indeed it does my friend… congratulations on letting the universe carry you with your intention and love. You are miles beyond many people twice your age.

    I will be 49 on Tuesday and truthfully, have never had any dreams for my future. (That is pretty sad, hey?) I do love what I do however, and am very fed by helping others.

  2. My dream is to write, inspire and empower others through the powers I am given. I know I do this every moment. When you focus on what you do not have or what appears to be missing in your life, then you are lowering your energy vibration, resisting the abundance that is already yours and drawing the opposite of what you want into your scope of awareness. Nobody can help you shift away and let go of your own resistance. Discover the underlying reason for this resistance and you no longer permit it to control you. This is always an inside job. Peace and blessings are eternally yours. Embrace them fully. They flow freely.

    • I love how I am my own teacher in some instances of life. When I wrote this I was coming out of the state of experiencing everything from lack. And I sense that this was a purge as my consciousness realized that I was leaving that state. Like a self memo. And while I do realize that I am not out of the state of “lack” in every aspect of my life, the last several months have offered me some beautiful lessons. I now understand exactly what was manifesting in my world, and why at that point in time. I am currently appreciating the experiences that I am involved in, as I know they each have their purpose, and they are answers to “prayers” that I released into the world earlier this year.

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