6 thoughts on “Snowy Days

  1. This reminds me of the structure friends’ homes in Rovaniemi, Finland near the Artic Circle. The cost of heating is high during long, cold winters and so the houses are generally quite small. Each one has minimum 4 ply glass windows and small ones at that. I imagine the Mooming trolls are quite cozy in their Finnish trundle beds and tiny homes under snowbanks. Wonder if you have any little creatures keeping you company is this cozy cabin? Some South African friends of mine who moved to Geelong (an hour from Melbourne, Australia) remind me of Dr. Doolittle ho talks to animals and understands them. Back in Africa, these friends had a farm where animals wandered freely. Their current Aussie home in a suburban neighbourhood is also full of critters including; rats, cats and other small furry creatures and birds. The animals have free roam of the place, are treated equally to humans and also eat up on the table with the humans. Wonder what the universe is telling me as I continue to encounter animal communicators?!:)

    • Oh I did enjoy our time in this beautiful little cabin! It had a wonderful energy to it, and it was a great experience while it lasted. We have since moved into a different place that has its own blessings.

      You know, I often sense that I do have different little creatures and friends that keep me company in the different places that I live. Some have a more forward energy than others.

      You of course sense my great love of animals! I deeply love communicating with animals and plants on so many levels. I grew up in a household that raised many animals of different types. I have often reflected that I was an only human child, but I had many animal siblings. There is something so pure about communicating, and simply observing animals. I have always been aghast when someone tells me something along the lines of “Animals don’t have souls” or “Animals don’t think….. ” Hmm, I have always seen exactly the opposite in all animals that I have the honor of watching, or taking care of. And I feel exactly the same way about plants.

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