Surrounded by Beauty



This post needs very few words other than to say I had forgotten

exactly how much beauty was here in the Valley.

It feels good to be back.







As you can tell it was a warmer day!

Bernie decided to do Polar Bear Sledding?

What would shirtless sledding be called exactly?

The sunshine felt good.

And it almost felt spring like.

And then it snowed the next day, haha!





All of these pictures (except the one of Bernie sledding) were taken

by Bernie. He has some great pictures of our wildlife neighbors at his blog


18 thoughts on “Surrounded by Beauty

    • Gaelyn,

      No job yet, but a promise of my old job in the middle of April….. So I guess I just have to play and enjoy myself until then!

  1. Hmm, I’d call that sort of sledding ‘seal skinning’.

    Variety is the spice of life, that is the beauty, sunshine , snow showers , clouds coming down and clouds lifting but always that stunning beauty around you, whether all on view or hidden away.

    • Arija,

      I love your creative name for it!

      And what a beautiful little poem you wrote me! You tapped into it exactly! Thank you for the beautiful feelings.

    • Jayne,

      I am enjoying sharing the beauty of our new home. It is nice to live in a corner of the world that holds so much beauty and is not crowded with people.

  2. Stacey,
    What a great shot of Bernie heading down the hill!!!!

    And the scenery is just stunning. Isn’t that just so cool – we can *play* in this amazing and beautiful playground called nature….

    • Lance,

      He was truely enjoying being even closer to nature!

      That is what I love about this area, we are surrounded with natures beautiful playground! Especially in the summer, as the snow melts all kinds of wonderful trails are revealed up in the mountains. I can’t wait!

    • Barb,

      hehe, yeah, I wasn’t quite up to doing his kind of sledding, but it was a rather warm day! It was lovely being up there.

    • Marcie,

      I would love to live up in this area of the Valley. there are some houses near by these photos, how stunning to look at that every day!

  3. Nothing quite like loosing oneself in the stillness and beauty of nature. There comes a point where temperature is not experienced as an external thing. The warmth and joy of the heart heats from within.

    • The heart can warm the soul. Stagnant thoughts can chill the spirit.

      It is easy for me to loose myself in nature around here. Even my drive into work each day (45 mins each way) is spectacular! Several mornings lately there have been big fluffy clouds with giant spot lights of sunlight bursting through to the valley floor below. Wow…… my car drives itself as my soul is absorbed in the scene that surrounds me.

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