I have not been sledding in forever,

so we decided to go have fun with our stylish sled.

We headed up to the Patterson Mountain Trail.



Staying forward facing was a challenge at times,

but it was fun to see the world backwards too!


Laying down like this is a great way to get snow in your shirt!

That’s a rush!

It was a blast, we both laughed and hooted all the way down.

We took turns on the sled,

and who ever was taking pictures was sure to be fast on their feet,

in case the sled decided to take a new course.


Oooh! Here comes a big bump!

(Look at that concern!)


Hey these bumps are fun!






I got called away from sledding for a quick interview/chat

up at Sun Mountain Lodge (where I used to work).

And so Bernie took the opportunity to go for a showshoe trek from

where we were sledding, to the lodge.

He took these pictures along the way.

Above, Sun Mountain Lodge.


And Patterson Lake,

Frozen over.


15 thoughts on “Sledding!!

  1. Stacey that looks like so much fun!!!! It made me want to go sledding too 🙂 We don’t have hills like yours around here – well at least not within a 30min drive, but we do have a garbage dump down the road (sounds worse than it is, but it is actually no big deal) anyway, they have a few small hills there I have been meaning to take my cross country skiis to, but I remembered we have a sled too and will be making a point of getting out to enjoy even more of the winter fun!

    • Evita,

      Ohh! You should. I have not been down a real hill on a sled since I was a kid, and only then a couple times. It was so much fun!

      If you like cross country skiing you should come to the Methow Valley in the winter! It is a xc skiing heaven. They have all kinds of groomed trails here! I still need to learn.

    • Karen,

      It was a blast! Something I look forward to doing more!!

      Thank you for visiting! Its great to see you again.

  2. Oh what fun! I haven’t sledded in, let’s just say way too long. Of course I usually don’t live where it’s possible anyway. Love both your happy faces. Good luck with the job.

    • Gaelyn,

      Yeah, you would need a snow machine or something. Although you were getting pretty wintery weather not too long ago, perhaps not enough to sled on though.

      Thanks, I need luck with the job front…… not a good time of year for jobs in a small town!!

    • Tammie,

      Sledding….. what a fun way to experience a hill! And something I had not really experienced in such a long time. Fun fun!

  3. Yee ha! That looks like a great deal of fun.
    When the kids were little, they would ‘borrow’ metal rubbish bin lids that had a handle at the side and went whizzing down the mountainside. They never broke much except a tree branch or two.

    Hope you get the job if that is what you want.

    • Arija,

      I think that would make a spectacular sled! I love the style of ours, but unfortunatly it is not very sturdy, it is coming apart. So we are going to have to find a new one sometime soon.

      What fun it is to visit things we used to do as kids!

    • Jayne,

      Not many years ago I was nervous in the snow, on steep slopes. I did not feel comfortable. Over the years I have built up my confidence, and am loving it! I am not quite to the point of downhill skiing, but sledding works for me!

  4. OH…such fun!! It looks like you live in a winter paradise. Love these images..and the previous ones of you snowshoeing. Gorgeous landscape. Lucky you!!!!

    • Marcie,

      This is really one of my favorite places in all the traveling we have done! It feels like home to me, and I am loving being back! It truely is a magical place!

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