Snowshoeing Between Worlds



We have been getting outside and snowshoeing almost every day since we have been here.

It is so nice to have easy access to the outdoors again!

Bellingham is not a bad town to be in, but its just that, a town.

We had to drive a minimum of 45 minutes to get to any kind of trail,

and most of them were much further than that.

Now within 10 to 30 minutes we have an amazing selection of all kinds of places to

explore the outdoors!




Yesterday was foggy, but we decided to take the camera with just for the heck of it.

I am glad we did.

It was beautiful, the fog had such a magical feeling.

I just loved the two ponderosa pines in the above photo.

As the fog drifted through the cool air of night it frosted the trees in a beautiful

crystal coating.

It was wonderful to sit and reflect upon them,

to study their elegant and regal stature.

To feel their patience and peace.




When I came across this stand of grass I was not sure the picture would be able to capture what

I was seeing and feeling.

To my delight when we uploaded the photos there it was.

The elegance of last years plants is amazing.

These grasses stood  above the snow all around us.

Many of the seed heads had collected the same crystal frosting as the trees during the night.

Each one looked like someone had sat down and created a crystalline masterpiece upon it.

And perhaps someone did.

Did the frost faeries come out at night and spend hours weaving a fine basket

on the end of each grass stalk?




Blue skies peeked at us from time to time.

Teasing, playing, taunting us to come higher.

Sunlight played on the hills above us.




I stopped often to admire the beauty and grace of the ponderosas.

What majestic trees they are, and I missed them!

They looked beautiful in their cloaks of crystal.




I am amazed by the detail of each ice crystal.

There is a whole world in each one.

I had been studying these needles up close and had to take a little taste.





And what better way to relax than to just plop down in a snow recliner?

It was a magic outing spent in the fog.

It truly felt like we were between worlds.

When we would stop there was an amazing silence,

broken only by the call of the birds.

(And once in a while someone hammering at a house down the hill)

13 thoughts on “Snowshoeing Between Worlds

    • Barb,

      Thank you! It was a magical day to go explore! Its amazing how even cloudy/foggy days feel so different here than back on the West Side of the mountains.

  1. Beautiful Stacey, just beautiful! You are truly living your dream in a magical winter wonderland!

    What a great reminder to us all to just get on out there and play 🙂

    • Evita,

      It truely feels good to get out and play in nature again. When we were in the Bellingham area there just wasn’t that inspiration and access to get out into nature.

    • Tammie,

      There is great wonder held in ice crystals, and you are a master at expressing their essence in your photos!

    • Jonathan,

      It simply is a life choice. When one decides to live the life they love, the Universe provides it for them. This will be different for each person, but it is so beautiful and freeing to follow your heart! Release the concepts of what you “need” in society, and follow your dreams!

  2. What a wonderful way to experience our world!! And these pictures are so filled with beauty. Especially those “fog” shots…mmmm….love them!!

    • Lance!

      Your comments always burst with love and joy! Its always a pleasure to see you here! It was a magical day, so mystical feeling. I love the fog, and then we went back a few days later, and my other post has pictures of the same area with the open views. Such a different world!

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