We are home in Winthrop!


Welcome to our new little home in Winthrop Washington!

We packed up our cars (to the brim!) and headed over the mountains on Saturday.

We arrived here at about 4:30pm and started to unload the cars right away.

We had most of our stuff unloaded and unpacked by the end of the night.

We are settled into our new little home quite nicely!

We were welcomed into our home by a couple lovely little mule deer that were

lounging in our yard.

They come and go, what lovely yard decorations they make!


What a world of difference from the West Side of the Mountains!

Sunday we woke up to a beautifully bright day,

the snow glittered in the sunlight!


We wasted no time, we put on our snow gear,

grabbed our snowshoes and headed out.

How wonderful it is to only have to drive 15 minutes to have access to outdoor activities!

We would have to drive MUCH longer to have access to anything nearly as nice as these views

when we are on the west side!

In the picture above is Sun Mountain Lodge framed by the mountains.

This is where I used to work when we lived in Winthrop before.

I always had a spectacular view from the restaurant I worked at there.


The trail we took was the Patterson Mountain route.

It’s a beautiful winding trail that snakes up to the top of a hill with an amazing view

of the valley in all directions.

I just Love Snow Shoeing! Its such a peaceful way to enjoy the snow.

And a great workout too!


Bernie celebrating being in Winthrop again!

How can you beat a town set in the mountains like this?

Look at those views!

The Methow Valley is just amazing.

Home is always where the heart is, and so I feel at home almost everywhere we go,

but I have to say that Winthrop is my favorite home.

It just feels so comfortable!




It was nice to just stand and reflect on the beauty of the Valley.

My mind, body and soul are happy to be back here!


We had fun playing in the snow,

and even had a little snow ball fight.

It is so different being back in snow country!

Everything feels so different.

Today is a cloudy day, but its still brighter than the west side,

because the sunlight that does make it through reflects off of everything.


Bernie is getting to know the plant life again.

Here he is letting the Ponderosa Pine tree know he is happy to see them again.


Today is a day of job searching, and some basic errands around town.

Its nice to be back home here in the Methow Valley!

I look forward to sharing even more pictures of the beauty that surrounds us here!

We do not have internet at our home at this point,

and so we will make our way down to the Library to connect with the online world.

This is a nice opportunity for us to take a little break and explore some other aspects of

what we love to do.


25 thoughts on “We are home in Winthrop!

    • Thank you Davina! It is such a beautiful Valley! Its still one of my favorite places in all of our travels! Yes, it was wonderful to get out on Sunday and enjoy the snow! I am glad we did, because it has been cloudy the last couple of days.

  1. cute cabin ina lovely setting. You definitly made the right move… it’s been monsooning ALL DAY here! The scenery is even more stunning than I remember. You both look so happy there. congrats and hope the job search was productive. love you guys, dad

    • Daddy-o!! So fun to see your comment here! I love it! I look forward to when you and Mum come to visit! Love you!!

  2. You do get around! A stunning place to live certainly and I notice your snow shoes are vastly different to the old basket weave ones that were pretty hard to get around in. I miss the snow in winter quite dreadfully, here with luck it snows maybe once in 20 years to lay for an hour or so.

    I hope you find congenial work that leaves you plenty of time to spend outdoors with the trees and animals.

    This place must be heaven also in springtime with snowcapped mountains and meadows of wildflowers.

    I must come back and wallow in your other posts below a little more thoroughly. I have been a little despondent lately and have not really caught up with the blogs I love to visit.

    Happy job hunting and keep posting more of your great surroundings.

    • Arija, What a treat to see your beautiful comment here!! Wow!!

      Yes I love my snowshoes. They work wonderfully, and they are so comfortable (the only ones I have worn though, so I don’t have anything to compare them to…). I thought I wanted to spend the winter somewhere more warm, with no snow, but when I saw snow again on our road trip I knew I wanted to experience it again! I am loving it. It is SO beautiful!

      Yes, Spring is magical here. The snow capped mountains with fields of flowers spreading out beneath them. Love it! I can’t wait for spring and summer!!

      I too have not been keeping up with blogs at all, my mind has just not been in that space! And it is even harder now, because we have to come to the library for internet access.

      Thank you, I hope to find a part time job so that I can spend LOTS of time outside!!

      Thank you for your visit!

    • So fun to see you here Kristen! Thank you, I am so glad we made it back here. Snowshoeing is so much fun, its a wonderfully peaceful way to explore the snow!

  3. Your new home is wonderful. Love the big windows full of light. Show us more please.

    And your local views are, of course, Marvelous! Nice to be able to walk into the Cascades so nearby.

    Please ask Bernie to hug a Ponderosa for me too, my most favorite tree.

    Good energy abounds.

    • Gaelyn, Yes, the windows are WONDERFUL! She designed it so that it would get as much light as possible. The sun pours in on clear days.

      I hope to share more photos soon! We are still getting the inside settled, and filled in.

      The ponderosas are beautiful aren’t they?

      Good energy fills the valley! So exciting!

  4. Wow, i can see why you guts are so happy to be thee, stunning views. I hope your new home turns out to be everything you hoped for x ruthie. ps i think we have hopefully found our perfect cottage too out in the hills here, fingers crossed, as the last one didnt happen!

    • Oh Ruthie! So exciting!! I hope that is the perfect cottage for you! I look forward to seeing pictures!! I am loving our new home, it is so beautiful and peaceful! Love it!

  5. What a beautiful place, and it sounds like it holds so much magic for both of you. Can’t wait to hear more about it and see more stunning images! Welcome home!

  6. Hi Stacey

    Oh my goodness, I had the biggest smile on my face as I read your words and marvelled at the photos… it is breathtaking and literally like some incredible winter paradise!

    And you both are just glowing!!!!! I love seeing you both like kids enjoying yourselves in the snow… now that is an awesome way to truly let go and enjoy the fullness of life!

    I am sooooooo happy for you both in that you are creating and living out your dreams so beautifully.

    Many blessings to you both and your beautiful new home and life in this heavenly place on Earth!

    • Evita,

      As always your comment brought a big smile to my face! You are so sweet! Thank you!

      It is truely magical to be back here, and we are getting settled into the rhythm of valley life. I can’t wait to see what manifests in our time here in the valley!

      We are immersed in nature, and get to absorb it so fully when we are here. So much fun!


  7. Your home has great views! I notice you are snowshoeing without heavy coats. The weather must be warmer there even though there is snow on the ground. Good Luck to you and Bernie!

    • Barb,

      Oh so lovely to see you here again! Yes, it is a wonderful dry cold over here, so it never takes too much in the way of layers (at least compared to what I am used to in Western Washington) and it has only been around freezing here, so not too cold at all. That can always change though….. hehe.

  8. ~congrats to you and yours finding your new little home…seems your spirit is singing and your soul is filled with nothing but goodness and beauty…we have been talking about taking our littles snowshoeing and seeing your pics makes it look like quite a funlittle adventure to be had…gorgeous photos…enjoy creating your house into a home…much love light and blessings~

    • Faerwillow,

      Its so nice to see you here! Thank you for visiting! You said it exactly, my spirit is singing for sure, and my soul is so happy to be here again. Oh, I highly recommend snowshoeing, its so wonderful!

      Thank you for all the beautiful thoughts! And blessings to you!

  9. What a wonderful place to live – I can almost feel that lovely crisp clean air!
    You both look so happy and so ‘right’ there. May you have a long and peaceful life in those beautiful mountains 🙂

    • Gnome,

      It truely feels good to be back here! And it has felt like home from the first moment we moved here. Thank you for your beautiful blessings!

  10. I can’t wait until we make the move from the westside to the Okanogan Valley where we are building a home. I just love North Central Washington include the Okanogan and Methow Valleys. Paradise!

    • Sally,

      The east side has such a different feel to it! It really feels good to be over here after spending some time on the West side. Such a different world. And the communities over here are so special! I hope you get to move over soon! A new home is so exciting!

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