Canyonlands ~ Island in the Sky

Ok, I am obviously failing at keeping up with blog posts.

Part of the reason is that we are getting ready to move!

Hopefully by the end of this week we will be driving over the North Cascades,

back to our home in Winthrop Washington!

We lived there from 2005 to 2007, and I LOVED it there.

It has called me back ever since we left, and now I am returning home.


But for now I continue my posts on our Southwest trip.



We drove in the north entrance of Canyonlands,

heading toward Island in the Sky.

We again stopped at the visitors center and watched the video on this park.

Then after talking to the rangers for a little bit, getting a feel for places

that we could camp that evening, we  headed out to do the viewpoints.

I was feeling a little sluggish that day,

my body did not feel like a long hike.

So we did a short hike to the upheaval dome area.




Then we drove to the Green River Overlook,

and enjoyed sitting at the edge of the cliff looking out over the view.

It was peaceful to simply sit, and witness Nature.




Looking out across this vastness it was amazing to reflect on the

fact that water had created all of this.

It is a slow process from our perspective,

but in the lifetime of the earth it is an ever flowing process.

The earth shows us that “aging” is a graceful process,

one in which to embrace every line,

every contour,

every experience!




We then drove to the Grand View Point Overlook.

There is a lovely trail here that we walked down a little bit and found

a over hanging rock to relax by.

We took books with the intention of simply being in this space for a while.

As soon as we sat down I felt the rocks pulling me down,

gently into their embrace.

My eyes grew heavy and I did not fight it.

I laid down embracing the rocks,

feeling completely comfortable on their warm surface.

I slept.

I dreamed.

I wish I could remember the dreams.

Isn’t it cute how I cross my feet while I sleep?

haha, I just love that picture!



As I met Mother Nature in Dream Land,

Bernie enjoyed Being with Nature.

He Read.

He Witnessed.

He took pictures of me sleeping.



It was an easy place to Be Natural.

As the sun drifted lower in the sky,

we made our way back down the road and onto BLM land to spend the night.

It was a great day of resting with nature.

My mind, body and soul were re-charged, and I was ready for hikes again!


4 thoughts on “Canyonlands ~ Island in the Sky

  1. I could feel the warmth and energy from the rocks. Glad you had sunshine at Canyonlands.

    Can’t wait to see the new place and landscapes. Safe journey. With 20 closed it’s a long trip.


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