Arches National Park


After another (somewhat chilly) evening under the stars,

we made our way to Arches National Park.

Taking pictures in Arches is all about what time of day you are in

what part of the park.

Because of this we missed some of the premium photo opportunities.

But we enjoyed exploring the beauty of this area that has so many arches!

We took a hike along Park Avenue,

with its amazing views of many formations on all sides.

I even got to see some tiny shrimp swimming around in little pools of water.

Pretty amazing!



We drove to the end of the road and went for a hike along

the Devils Garden Trail. What an amazing collection of arches!

Landscape Arch (the first photo) is an amazingly delicate piece of rock,

floating above the ground.

It lost a big chunk of the rock several years ago,

showing the temporary nature of all things.

Another arch near by completely collapsed earlier in 2010.

Nature in motion.



Look at how clear the air was for us!

Everything just popped,

The Colours,

The Texture,

The Layers,

The Feeling!



From this perspective balanced rock truely looks amazing.

It looks as if the constant tug of gravity would pull it down at any time.

And some day it will.

But when you walk around the back side of it, you see that it is a bit of

an optical illusion.

The rock has more of a base than it appears,

it will hold its place for a while longer.

Eventually it will be called too strongly by the grounds loving embrace,

and it will tumble down, to become one with the dirt that surrounds it.







I think my little car enjoyed its adventure through the Southwest!

It got to go explore the dirt roads.

Enjoyed the views along the way.

Camped with us each night,

and sometimes even kept us a little warmer on those really chilly nights

(as we curled up in the front seats)

Got us to each place in comfort.

What could be a better experience for a little car?





We even spent the night camping in the backcountry of Arches.

We found an amazing spot surrounded by red rock.

After setting up camp I climbed up some of the slick rock,

a beautiful slopping rock, easy to climb up.

And I sat there,

admiring the beauty of the evening light reflecting off the red rock.

I returned to this spot in the morning to watch the morning light move across the rock.

It was amazing to see how different, yet similar it was.



After our adventure through Arches we spent a day

doing the tourist thing in Moab.

I bought a couple of books that turned out to be very inspiring to me.

We looked at beautiful pieces of art.

We caught up with the internet world at the Library.

And then we headed out of town, to search for our evening camp spot.

The arch above was one on the side of the road,

south of Moab.

Each arch holds so much beauty!


7 thoughts on “Arches National Park

  1. Your photos are of a landscape I know well – the sky, rocks, and arches you captured are magnificent! I’ve hiked both the trails you mention. It was fun to revisit them in this post.

  2. Take my breath away!!!!

    This part of the country reaches in and grabs the deepest part of my soul. Vast, ancient, wind worn, starkly-bravely-bare, willingly exposed, raw and blatantly not wanting to hide anything. Tells is like it is. I thrive in it.

    They are exquisite photos dearest Stacey, just deeply moving for me. Thank you for sharing them. Your writing is also just so lovely and fun and so you.

    Much love to you always,

  3. Absolutely breath-taking. Intriguing how many humans focus on the surface. Ever been spelunking? The Earth is often underestimated. Her hollow rocks and mountains contain worlds and creatures that are not hidden to those who are ready and willing to open their mind and heart.

    • One of my favorite experiences in a heavily used area such as National Parks is to take the path less traveled, or if possible to go where others do not tread. There is so much “under the surface” in places that people experience on a daily basis.

      I have not been spelunking….. well perhaps I have. I have been down a few lava tubes. Each one of them uniquely beautiful and exciting! There is something about experiencing the earth from within.

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