Bryce Canyon National Park


After our nice long visit in Zion we drove to Bryce Canyon.

On our way we stopped at the visitors center for Red Canyon.

It would have probably been a nice place to explore more, but after visiting

with the Rangers working there, and getting answers to  some questions we had,

we continued onto Bryce.

We stopped in at the visitor center and got a feel for what the Park had to offer.

We decided to camp overnight in the “backcountry”.

So we did our paperwork for our overnighter, and then drove to do some of the

viewpoints before we started our hike.


The views are just amazing at Bryce.

One truly feels as if they are sitting on the edge of the world.

The vastness that stretches out in front of you is filled with so many colours and textures!


The stretch of Red Rock here is not as extensive as some other areas,

but the formations that have emerged from within it are so stunning!

It truly shows the temporary nature of rock and soil.

You can see the rawness of nature slowly wearing away at a material

that we think of as so hard and permanent.


After enjoying our views we started our 3 mile hike down into the canyon.

We took the Under the Rim Trail from Bryce Point down to the first campsite.

The trail took us past some amazing formations and scenery.

We were able to look back at the red wall that the tourists stand upon to look out

at the formations. What beauty!

These balancing rocks were amazing!

What a spectacular illustration of erosion.

I was endlessly amazed that they could stay balanced upon their little dirt columns.

A beautiful lesson in balance.

When we start to question what we believe to be concrete,

we will find that we will start to gently erode away those things that no longer serve us,

and we will find that we do not topple to the ground,

but float free, like a feather!


Our campsite was a lovely quaint little spot on a creek.

We enjoyed the evening listening to the water trickle near us.

We set up our tarp just as the darkness of evening crept into the little valley we were in.

Fixed a quick meal of veggie sandwiches, and then slipped into our sleeping bags.

It proved to be a bit of a chilly night,

but it was amazing to absorb the crispness of the cool air.

These cold nights are wonderful for dreams,

I often wake and turn to stay warm.

With this constant coming to consciousness in the night it is easier for me to remember my dreams.

These were the nights that I best remembered dreams, and the messages

they had for me.


The next morning we climbed back up to where the car was and dropped off most

of our belongings in the car. We loaded up a “day” pack and headed down

a trail that left from the same parking lot.

We snaked down through the formations taking a handful of different trails leading

us to Sunrise Point.

The coolness from the night before still hung in the air a little.

When you were standing in the sunshine, the energy of it chased away the chill.

But as soon as you stepped into the shade of the massive rocks,

the cooled air started needling its way through the layers of clothing.


The expansive views were amazing.

There was simply too much to absorb in the short amount of time we were going to have.

We knew a storm was rolling in, so I wanted to see as much of it as we could while we still

had sunshine. And I wanted to get as many pictures as possible to remember our time here!

We were not let down, while the light lasted it was amazing on the red rock.


You would often get a glimpse of the trail snaking around a hoodoo,

or a corner. In the picture above you can see one of the arches that we got to walk through.

Many of them were man made, blasted through the stone.

They were sure fun to walk through!

Stepping through them you were transported to another world.

A moment of darkness and then there you are,

enveloped in a warm glowing scene.

What planet have I been transported to?


The clouds announced their presence.

For a while it looked as if they might just decide to stay on the horizon,

to not intrude on our lovely sunshine.

And they did wait very patiently while I snapped photos of the ever changing scene.







I think the above photo is my favorite from our time in Bryce.

There is just something about it that truly captures the whole essence of what I felt

while we were there.

The colours, the textures, the energy!

The terrain that we covered along these trails was so varied,

it is amazing how completely different the erosion is from one area to the next,

and within such a close area.

On past trips to this area we had both wanted to get off the rim and explore the trails that

were visible below the view points.

It was wonderful to finally have the chance to do it!


And then as we started our climb back toward the rim,

the clouds started to rise into the sky.

Faster, and faster.

Here they come!

It was almost like an ancient army, waiting patiently at a border.

Their opponent, the sun was strong, they knew this, and so they waited.

Patiently they waited. It had to be just the right moment.

Go! They make their move.

They swarm across the sky!

They come with their full force!

Wind and hail a blazing, Lightening blasting through the sky.

It was an intense feeling being on the rim of the canyon as it rolled through.

The storm people moved fast!

All life on the rim,

People and animals,

seemed to retreat to the safety of their various shelters.

We were in it, experiencing it.

For a moment I ran in fear, not liking being one of the tallest beings,

Then I ran with it, celebrating it, embracing it.



And then I stood with it.

I watched as the storm rolled across the landscape.

Thunder and Lightening celebrating its advance as it moved over and around the landscape.

34 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park

    • Jayne!

      I just always love seeing you here, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you for always coming and sharing such loving words. I am so honored that you featured me on your blog!

      I really like the silhouette photo also, its a great memory shot of our time walking through Bryce.

    • Debi,

      You got it exactly! It truely did change me thru and thru. I am so thankful that we took the opportunity to go on this journey, it was what my soul needed!

  1. Thanks for the journey. You have such a beautiful spirit and it is very kind of you to share your profound sweet thoughts and amazing pictures.

    • Mike,

      What beautifully loving words! Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed the post, I am really enjoying reflecting on our journey, and feeling the experience again.

  2. Stacey, you transported me! You first sent me on my own journey of impressions with your beautiful photos—going somewhere I’d never been. Then you took me with *you*… And imagine my delight to learn you, too, see and feel the blending of worlds.

    I loved your narrative, how you gently smoothed your way into the spiritual, how you saw Clouds infused with their own essence, how you shared your own celebration of Life with the Storm people, how you felt the Other World right there in Bryce…

    Beautiful. All of it.

    Thank you for sharing your moments.
    ~Julie xoxo

    • Julie,

      Oh! ~hugs~ Your words just warm my heart! Always!

      I love how you are able to tap into my experience, I know you feel exactly what I am conveying.

      You always inspire me to want to write and express more! Thank you for that.

      ~Stacey xoxox!

  3. Stacey,
    What a completely magnificent place to explore! And your insights from this – even more breathtaking – this idea of what seems concrete to us…and really is not…

    And, like Jayne – that silhouette photo is so amazing and lovely!!

    What a beautiful experience…

    • Lance,

      What a treat to see you here! I just love your smiling picture! I haven’t seen a picture of you that you aren’t shining bright with your energy and smile!

      Thank you for all the beautiful compliments! I am truely enjoying writing about our journey, it is a great challenge to try to convey all that I experienced while in these amazing places!

  4. My home is in Kanab,UT, the jumping off point for Bryce and Zion, the Grand Staircase and the North Rim. Kanab is a poky little town with near zero “culture”. Friends and family are perplexed that I, who have lived in and loved places like London and San Francisco can thrive in this place. They wonder that I, a lover of art and music, theater and opera, can survive what they see as a cultural draught. The answer is that nature is the beginning and end of art and beauty and that most of what we term culture is but a brave imitation of what God has already given. You have pointed that out beautifully in this post. Thank you.

    • Trish,

      You truely live in a beautiful part of the country! I just love those little towns. I love the cozy feeling of being in a small community. Sometimes it feels like there is more culture these days in a small town than in some of the mega cities.

      I agree that nature is the start of art and beauty. There is so much to feel and experience there in the southwest!

      Thank you for visiting!

  5. Bryce is Such a magical place. The rock people ever watchful and changing. I loved being amongst the hoodoos instead of just looking down upon them. The energy is good. And you faced some fear out there. Awesome journey and images to remind you.

    • Gaelyn,

      It truely is a magical place! I loved seeing pictures of your journey to Bryce! It is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life.

    • Jill,

      Thank you for stopping by! I love seeing new people here! I am glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope to see you again.

    • Jenn,

      Thank you for visiting! Its always lovely to have new visitors. It was an amazing trip! I highly recomend the southwest to everyone!

    • Nancy,

      Oh I hope you get to visit sometime soon then! It really is magical, and a great place to add to a life list. Set the intention and it will come into your life!

  6. Hi Stacey

    Gosh, I cannot get over the beauty of these photos and this place. I think it has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and yet I only say this based on the photos. I can only imagine what it would feel like if I was there in person.

    It truly does look like the edge of the world, and what an incredible world it is! The colors and shapes of the rock amaze me!

    I love the serenity you got to experience and share with us. And taking in the storm so peacefully – what a great metaphor for life and how to experience any storm in it 🙂

    • Evita,

      I just love your comment! You are so right, it is truely one of the gems of our natural world! I hope you and Markus get to visit this area some day, I think you would both LOVE it!

      How I love your reflection on the storm, it is so true! When we fear something we seperate ourselves from it, and thus can feel that something like a storm is “after us”. But when we stop and really absorb the essence of it we are able to see that it is simply another being expressing itself. And as you so beautifully share, we then can flow with anything that comes into our experience.

  7. What a beautiful virtual travelogue! LOVED it as it brought back memories of our trip there more than 30 yrs. ago. Time to go back I would think! We’ll see! Visiting from Journey through Grace.

    • Karin,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad the photos brought back memories for you, I hope it did inspire you to go back, its amazing there!

    • Tess,

      Thank you for such kind and encouraging words. I would love to write more about our adventures, and this is my place to practice! I feel like a photo often conveys more of what I experienced than my words can!

      I hope you had a most wonderful holiday season, and New Year!

  8. so much beauty in your trip
    your post
    and photos
    always fun to have a glimpse into your adventures and how they move you, teach you and thrill you

    Wishing you a 2011 that feels wonderful to you~

    • Tammie,

      Thank you for sharing your ever elegant words here with me! They inspire me so! This is a wonderful practice in writing for me.

      I feel that 2011 is going to be a wonderful year of fresh energy, and I can’t wait for all that it brings!

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