Floating High


When you release your tie downs,

You will drift free,

Able to view the beauty of the world around you from any elevation.




Sunday was a beautiful day (although a wee hazy),

We enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors by working in the yard.

I looked up in the sky a little bit before sunset and saw three hot air baloons drifting gently on the evening breeze.

So I waited, and eventually this one drifted in front of Mount Baker.

It was such a beautiful scene!

They must have had a beautiful perspective from up there.



As this is posted we have already left on our roadtrip to the Southwest.

We will not be taking the laptop with us,

So I won’t be able to do blog posts with our photos until we get back from our journey in a month in a half or so.

I am looking forward to see what beautiful things we come across!

Wishing you all a wonderful autumn!

14 thoughts on “Floating High

  1. Hi Stacey,
    I would love to go up in a hot air balloon. The view of the mountain looks incredible!
    Have a very safe journey on your road trip and see you when you get back with some more beautiful photos of your travels.

    • Joanne, Thank you for the well wishes for our trip. It was great! I have SO much to share, I just have to choose which pictures! A hot air balloon ride would be quite the experience wouldnt it? We saw lots of them on our trip in Sedona Arizona.

    • Lisa, It almost looks like it doesn’t belong doesnt it? And I am always amazed at how small they look next to something like a mountain.

  2. Hi Stacey, this is my first visit here but it will not be my last. I came here via Geogypsy and your photos are beautiful and so is the area where you live. I have never known much about the Washington State until I (now please don’t laugh) I read the Twilight Saga. I also fully identify with your Header. I will be back regularly.

    • Lovely to see a new face on here. The Twilight saga provided quite a boost for washington, especially the town of Forks, which was a very small, almost forgotten backroad logging town, and now its so well known. Everyone is intrigued by it, and this new attention is providing much needed tourist money coming into the area. I look forward to your future visits!

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