Cama Beach Wooden Boats


On Saturday my Parents, Bernie and I went on a little outing to Camano Island.

The Center for Wooden Boats at Cama Beach was having a nice get together for people with wooden boats.

So we brought along Bernies newly finished Kayak, and dads woodstrip Canoe.



Bernie got to take his maiden voyage in his kayak.

It felt a little different than he imagined it would, but its a good boat.

You can see by the smile on his face that he enjoyed getting it in the water for the first time.



There were beautiful wooden boats of all types.

These traditional style skin kayaks are amazing to look at.

They are simply held together with artificial sinew.

Instead of skins now they use Nylon.



The beautiful thing about these wooden boats is that we got to see all the details of the boats,

including some in the process of being made.



My dad got many compliments on his beautiful woodstrip Canoe.

He made a matching set, one for him, one for my mom.

He followed a method, but instead of nailing the strips to the form,

he strapped them down, so there are no unsightly nail holes in the wood.

It created an amazing finished product.



He even learned how to weave a cane seat.

Pretty impressive!




There were several sail boats that people brought.

It was a perfect day for them too.

Enough of a breeze to be able to move around, but the water wasn’t too rough.

It was a lovely day, and fun to look at everyones beautiful work.

I enjoyed some time sitting on the beach,

looking out across the water.

A boat drifting past every once in a while.





13 thoughts on “Cama Beach Wooden Boats

    • Celia,

      So lovely to see you here! Thank you for the link, his work is beautiful! He captures the pure essence of the boats. All the detail.

      It was a lovely day. I am glad we went to do it!

  1. oh such beautiful details and workmanship… and the care that was taken is certainly evident.. it must be a pleasure to spend time in, especially floating on the waves!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful photographs!!!

  2. Beautiful craftsmanship. You can tell the care and pride that were put into the effort…

    Just wanted to tell you that I am shippin your Samhain exchange a bit late but it is going priority so it should get to you by the end of this week. Hope you enjoy it. I received yours the other day.. can not wait to open it…


  3. so many artful boats! Yea mister B got his boat in the water. How wonderful. And your fathers boat is beautiful. I am surprised i missed these posts…. but they were new for me now, fun.

  4. Humans talk to boats and all they hold dear as if its an intimate lover. To appreciate unconditionally is to see everything as being equal, to feel your heart beating through it, to see the light of being reflecting back. You can feel the affection that flows through these images. Thanks for sharing. Much love …

    • Liara, it is such a treat to have your presence here on my blog! I sense that so many people feel drawn to boats because of what they symbolize. To float through life, something so many can sense is out there, and yet they are not allowing that flow into their life. And so with a boat they experience that sensation for a little bit, gentle, rolling, moving with the energy that surrounds you. And when one builds their own boat from scratch, it is a symbol of setting yourself free.

      • Appreciate metaphors about freedom. I recall learning to sail during what turned out to be a thunderstorm. Ever since that moment, everything has been continuing to illuminate itself for me on different levels.

        The ego mind tells you to do what it takes to set yourself free and constantly comes up with follow-up steps. You have freedom to choose to enjoy the whole process and pleasure you experience. The heart knows freedom and joy are core states of being. From its vantage point, what is eternally changeless, is timeless and always there. From ithe heart view, nothing needs to be revealed as nothing is ever hidden.

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