A Grey Day


Here in Northwest Washington during the fall and winter months, we have MANY days that are grey.

Often these days feel like someone has pulled a big, grey fleece blanket across our skies.

The clouds will be a soft flat layer lulling us into a gentle hibernation.

Today was a grey day, and I paid little attention to the skies all day long.

Until I happened to look out the window, and took a moment to appreciate that even our grey days can have great beauty to them!

I loved the different textures that the clouds were taking on.


We are surrounded by beauty each and every moment,

it is only when we judge the moment and close ourselves off to its potential that we fail to see that beauty.

What beauty surrounds you at this moment?




Want to see more beautiful skies?

18 thoughts on “A Grey Day

  1. We should all strive to see the beauty in all things… and know that if we didn’t have gray days, we’d not appreciate the bright, sunny ones nearly as much! Beautiful sky Stacey.

    • Jayne,

      This is so true. If we had no contrast, we might get bored with sunny days. I am always remembering to see the beauty in each thing, it is still easy for me to forget sometimes.

  2. Although I like you fluffy grey sky I remember way too many of them in the PNW.

    The beauty of the canyon and forest surround me today. Soon, back to a lower elevation and the oaks and boulders.

    Got a permit to hike the canyon Nov 27, 28, 29 and out the 30th. Going to be around? I’d have to add you two to the permit. Think about it.

    • Gaelyn,

      Yes, I too grow a bit tired of the grey days here in the Northwest when January rolls around….. Thats why we are taking our trip to the southwest! hehe.

    • Faerwillow,

      Lovely to see you here! Grey is a magical colour, filled with such calm energy.

      Thank you for the lovely wishes, enjoy the beautiful autumn energy!

    • Marcie,

      Its so true! The first grey days of autumn are magical! It feels so cozy, I just want to crawl under a big fluffy blanket and read.

  3. your profile image is powerfully gorgeous ms. Stacey.
    so lovely that your gray blanket had form and beauty. Today we have sunshine, white puffy clouds, wind and a lot of predator activity in our woods due to a dead deer – nature is alive and well.

    • Tammie,

      Thank you! You are so sweet.
      Mmm, I have to say I love sunny days with BIG fluffy clouds. We even had that a little bit here earlier, although many of the clouds have disolved with the warmth of the day.
      Oh I bet you are seeing/hearing all kinds of wonderful creatures that are helping to recycle the deer back into mother earth! What a powerful thing to be witness to.
      Its so lovely to see you here, thank you for visiting!

    • Acornmoon,

      Tupperware skies, I have not heard that term before, but I like it! hehe. Often our grey skies do not look that interesting either. It will litterally look like a flat fleece blanket covering the sky most of the time. It often makes me want to go into hybernation.

    • Gwen,

      Your words are so beautiful and filled with such wisdom. It is so true. When we look out across natures beauty it is easy to reflect on our own inner beauty.

    • Johathan,

      Very true. Our emotions toward anything around us are a reflection of ourselves. If we are angry at cloudy days, its because we have not forgiven the darkness within, we are scared of it. When we start to forgive those bits of ourselves we can look at a grey day with great love, and appreciate its beauty.

      Keep exploring and shining bright!

    • Dandy,

      Thank you for visiting my blog! Always lovely to see a new face. I enjoyed my visit over at your blog, and look forward to reading more.

      Thank you for the compliments on my blog, it is a fun form of expression.

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