Autumn Expressions


Autumn is upon us here in the Northwest.

The energy has been shifting, and our days have been cooling down.

I love the cool, crisp, sunny days of fall.



I have been doing a few autumn themed tasks around here.

Such as harvesting food from the garden.

Our pumpkin patch is looking quite handsome, and more of them are getting ripe each day.

Our oak trees have started dropping their acorns, and shedding a few brown leaves.

And thus I have started my annual task of collecting Acorn tops for my crafts.



These are a couple of the crafts I have been playing with lately.

I created the needle felted pumpkin one evening for fun.

Its about 3 inches wide, a simple little totem to the season.

The pumpkin lantern is a craft I found on Martha Stewart Here.

It took a little more work than I thought, as the paint didn’t want to stick to the glass all that well.

But I thought it turned out pretty cute.



I have also been making some more of my felted acorns.

They are cute as always.

I always like to have a few of them around.


What have the rest of you been up to this fall?

In what ways are you expressing yourselves?


11 thoughts on “Autumn Expressions

  1. My crafts have been replaced by traveling this summer. Maybe set up a workshop this winter to silversmith. I love the felted pieces, especially the acorns. Is that something you can take on the road with you?

    • I look forward to seeing some of your jewelry if you have it out when we come through. I have pondered bringing a craft with me, I am not sure if I will or not. I don’t want too much stuff in the car for if we park at trail heads….. I will have to think about that.

  2. Wish I were so crafty! I love this time of year too Stacey, but sure wish we had more seasonable temps. We almost broke a record here on Monday with a high of 87 degrees. NOT fall-ish weather at all.

    • Jayne,

      Wow, that is quite warm. Although I have to say I wouldn’t mind one last warm spell to soak up before it turns to winter temps. Keep enjoying the autumn!

    • Akemi,

      Thank you! I used Acrylic, eventually it stuck. I just had to build up the layers to get it to look good.

      Drawing is one thing that I wish I could do a bit better….. maybe some day.

  3. It is wonderful to see what you have been making. The felted pumpkin looks oh-so professionally perfect! And adorable.
    Today I will work on my new etsy store and a painting/drawing of a mermaid.


    • Tammie,

      Well thank you, the pumpkin was fun to make! I look forward to seeing your new etsy store, and all the beautiful things that you list in it!


    • Misti,

      I could do that! That actually popped into my head earlier today, so maybe it is meant to be. I am not sure I will get one put together before our trip to the Southwest, maybe when we get back!

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