Bernie and I both have been wanting Moccasins.

So I searched for patterns online and found this one.

Then I bought some leather online at Tandy Leather Company.

Then since I forgot to buy it with the leather, I went to a local leather worker, and bought sinew and leather needles.



Over all these did not take that long to make.

It is a nice simple pattern that I think looks good (there were many patterns I was not fond of as far as looks go).

Notice how one shoe is darker than the other?

Thats because I made only one to start with, and walked around the yard with one moccasin on.

I wanted to see how it fit, how it stretched when it got wet, and make sure it was the design I liked before I used more leather.

They fit well, and feel good.



I like how flexible they are.

They stay on my feet really well, but move with me.

The leather really feels like a second skin, not a foreign substance.

These are not hard and seperating like the shoes we typically wear in our culture.

Moccasins will allow me to connect more fully with the earth,

while building up my feet’s tollerance so I can eventually walk barefoot more.



I still have some finishing details to work on.

Like a tie on the front, and possibly some decorations.

But I need to ponder on that a little longer.



Now I start on Bernie’s pair!

35 thoughts on “Moccasins!

  1. My Grandmother used to make Moccasins for us when we were small. She was Metis, Cree/French Canadian.

    She made all of her families clothing, footware, everything when they lived in the bush. Life is so much easier now that we can just go to a store and buy what we want…..

    You did a great job of these, and I am looking forward to seeing the next ones you make.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

    • Jen,

      It is so lovely to hear about your grandmother! What a special treat it would be to have something hand made by a loved one.

      I enjoy making things by hand, yes it is easier now, but it is still fun sometimes to put that time and love into making something. We are in a blessed time for sure!

      Thank you for the sweet words, and for visiting my blog!

  2. I grew up walking barefoot all the time and still do. The first thing that comes off when I get home are my shoes and usually on long car rides they come off, too. Love me some bare feet!

    • Misti,

      That is so wonderful that you got to grow up running around barefoot! When you wrote this it reminded me that I spent many years when very young running around barefoot all the time (not to mention naked, but thats another post….. haha). It is so wonderful to be connected to the earth through bare feet!

    • Jayne,

      Thank you! I looked through many patterns before I found this one. There were many that did not speak to me at all.

    • Jenn,

      Lovely to meet you, thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed visiting the links on your blog post! I look forward to playing around with other patterns in the future.

    • Tammie,

      The stitching seems to be just fine. I have not worn them a whole lot, so I still have some walking around in them to know how they feel after a whole day of wearing them and such, but so far the stitching feels good.

      I have some other ideas I want to play around with!

  3. OOOh, i love these! they look so comfortable. Sorry i haven’t visited since forever, but i have loved reading back over your posts. Spectacular photos & scenery , i especially love the one of you taking a nap surrounded by those amazing ridges, wow, how wonderful. x ruthie x

    • Ruthie,

      Its so lovely to see you here again! No worries, I totally understand. I too am away from the computer for long periods of time. Thank you for the kind compliments.

    • Marcie,

      I think they will be! I look forward to trying them out for a day hike. They are so soft on my feet, I love the feeling of them!

  4. Stacey,
    I love the simplicity of these!! And it reminds me of my life recently, and how I’ve been working to simplify. Seeing these today – it just feels so tangible…as I read your words and see your pictures…


    • Lance,

      So lovely to see you here at my blog, thank you for visiting!

      It is true, they reflect the simplicity of my life also. I love having comfortable, simple and useful items.

      Thank you for the kind words! Keep shining bright!

  5. I also wear Indian made moccasins. I am using one pair that has simply fell to pieces after five years of wear…(they last a very long time) as my pattern to make my own. I am using old jacket leather.
    Your shoes are wonderful. I am committed to “Made from Scratch.”

    • Sherry,

      Five years?!? Wow, that is impressive! I am not sure these ones will make it that long, but I can see how a really well made pair could last a long time. Thats so great that you are making your own also! I just love working with the leather in my hands.

  6. I love the simplicity of your posts and the pictures that go along with them. It does not sound obvious and that is the beauty of it: there is a certain poetry weaved into the lessons you have for me. Thank you!

    • Evelyn,

      Thank you for visiting my blog! And thank you for the beautiful, kind words! It touches me that you see the simple beauty in my posts, that is a lovely complement.

      I love feeling the love and beauty in each moment, and I hope that I am able to reflect that in what I share here on my blog.

      You are a beautiful shining soul, thank you for reflecting that here!

    • Victoria,

      I would love to see pictures of yours if you decide to make some! I still need to figure out what I want to embelesh mine with.

  7. Hi Stacey,
    I love your new fairy shoes! 😉
    They look simple and natural. They also sound very comfortable.
    I wonder how warm they would be in the Winter time?
    Maybe you will have to make another pair with a fur lining for Winter!
    Let me know if you do make some fur ones. I would like to see your fox feet shoes! 😉
    Autumn blessings and good wishes.

    • Joanne,

      Fairy shoes! I love it! Bernie called them my elf shoes.

      They are very comfortable, but I think they might be pretty cool in the winter, I will have to make fur lined ones for sure! That would be wonderful.

      Another project I want to try is making felted slippers/shoes. That would be warm for in the winter! I will post pictures if I decide to do that.

      Autumn blessings to you too! Today feels like fall for sure, there is a nice crisp chill to the air. I think October has announced its presence.

    • Acorn Moon,

      Thank you! I really enjoy photography, and the evolution of my style with it.

      It was a treat to look around your blog at all your beautiful work!

  8. Your moccasins looks so soft. And I know just how they smell. Used to have a pair when I was a kid.

    Also, great photos of the Cascades. And I love it that your zoo is black-and-white color coordinated.

  9. WOW!! You got a ton of comments on these mocs, deare Stacey!! I can see why, they are VERY COOL!! I’ve been here several times and looked at the photos. I LOVE them! Yours are far more feminine and simple than mine. LOL!! Mine look like old clod hoppers!! LOLOL!! Are you laughing? I am. I also love the way you posed your feet in so many different ways. It made it SO fun! You are incredibly creative. Speaking of creative, I LOVED the photo on the card you sent, just amazing.

    Anyway, I hope to make a sturdy pair of mocs when I get some time. As I need a new pair for next summer.

    By the way, your blog is looking very lovely. That photo of you at the top is breathtaking. Every time I see it I gasp inside.

    I went to Bernie’s blog but was unable to leave a comment. But loving his photography and the words he puts with the photos. One of a kind. Also did he take down his other blog. I can’t seem to get to it, keep getting an error message.

    Thank you for your love and kindness. I’ve missed you with all that’s going on with my book, I’ve hardly had time ti scratch. Next few months are just packed. I do get up at the crack of dawn, drop S. at work, and then some mornings walk barefoot across a desert trail. I love it. It’s SO beautiful and peaceful.

    Much much love to you and Bernie.

    • Robin,

      As always it is SO special to recieve a note from you. I hope all is going well with the book! I just recieved the copy that I won from one of the reviews, I am excited to share it with friends!!

      I am so glad you like my moccasins. I wanted a pattern that looked at least somewhat cute, I like things in my life to be cute! hehe.I look forward to playing around with the pattern some more also.

      I am glad you liked the card, they are snow geese in the Skagit Valley in the winter. They come in great numbers and hang out for a few months. It is amazing to watch them all lift off at once!

      Bernie did indeed take down his blog and facebook account, that is a whole other story…..

      Well I hope all is not too hectic for you over the next few months. Enjoy the journey of the book! I see “Best Seller” stamped on the front.

      Love and hugs!

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