North Cascades ~ Day 3


Its easy to be in a good mood when you wake up to a view such as this. The morning light cast a whole new feel to the mountains around us. It was so lovely to sit in our sleeping bags and soak up nature around us.




Why would you ever use a tent? We only put up our tarp when we are pretty sure it is going to rain over night, and even then its open all around. Its an interesting symbol, many feel safer in their tent than if they slept out under the stars. What can a thin layer of fabric really protect you from? I would much rather be immersed in nature around me. And how magical to wake up in the middle of the night and be able to look up at the stars. They shine so vibrant when you are far from any city lights.



We even had a little patch of snow on top of our mountain. A testament to the long cool spring. The snow took a long time to melt off in the North Cascades this spring/summer.



Wow, I can’t believe these mountains are in our backyard. They are so raw and wild!



After soaking in our amazing views, eating breakfast and packing up we started our trek down the mountain. We were headed for Ross Lake. In the picture above I am dropping down off Devils Dome.



There is nothing like mountain spring water. Its such a treat to be able to drink straight from the source. If all you have ever had the chance to drink is city water or bottled water, you have no idea what real water tastes like. Everyone should drink true spring water at least once in their life.



We stopped very often on the trail down to admire the view. Jack Mountain played a starring role in our North Cascades hike. We essentially circled around it on our hike, getting to see many perspectives of it. It never failed to amaze. Ah, I am standing there right now. What a magical place! I could have just sat in that spot and pondered life for days, weeks, months, years.



How could you not stop and just soak it up?



After hiking down the trail for a few miles we got our first view of Ross Lake. Periodically it would peek out from behind a hill, teasing us with views on our way down.



The trail snaked along the lake at some points and twisted up through the trees for long stretches. It felt good to stretch out the legs on the long flat stretches through the forest.



Finally the trail twisted away from the lake. We had passed our last view of Ross Lake. We cruised along the trail enjoying the soft light filtering through the trees. Before we knew it we were back at the car. What a magical 3 days spent in the North Cascade Mountains! This is a loop that I would recommend  to anyone that loves to be immersed in natures beauty!

9 thoughts on “North Cascades ~ Day 3

  1. What a truly wonderful rejuvenating experience being out in the wilds by yourselves totally encapsuled my magnificent natural scenery and not another human in sight.
    I enjoyed all three posts immensely. We used to hike in the European alps and of course here in Australia and slept under the stars.
    In Europe the trails were packed with people, especially on Sundays whereas in Australia you can still get into the hills and trust your compass.

    I admired you crossing the scree slope in the first post, they can be very tricky.

    Thank you for posting your great pictures for us to enjoy too.

  2. Spectacular views of the Cascades. I so agree with your view about a tent, plus less weight to carry. Must have been hard to only stay a few days in such a magical landscape.

  3. it truly feels as though you two are in a groove. A wonderful peaceful groove with nature. many blessings as you continue to travel the depth of this path.

    your photos are gorgeous.

    thank you for sharing your journey with us~

  4. Here you are, Stacey. “North Cascade” I don’t know why I didn’t get it you are in this region. Now you know I am a city dweller. All I know about this area is the I-5 corridor between Portland and Eugene.

    Anyhow — great photos. I’ll check exactly where the lake is on google map.

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