North Cascades ~ Day 2 ~ Part 2


We made it to the top of Devils Dome. Filled our tummies with a good meal, still not sure if we were going to continue on or camp for the evening.



After enjoying the view for a little while we decided it would be much nicer to camp up on top and watch the sunset and get to see the beautiful morning light on the mountains. From Devils dome we were headed down to Ross lake and then back to the car. It would have been a shame to hike on farther and not get to see the sun set on the North Cascades.



So we stopped early. It was only 5:30pm, we had lots of time to just sit on top of our mountain and admire all the mountains that surrounded us. We set up camp.



I enjoyed a brief cat nap in the warm sunshine, ahhhh!



After a few minutes of that I got up once again to stretch my legs around the top of our dome. Looking around at our 360 degree view. Ridges surrounded us, snaking in all directions.



Being out in nature brings great joy to the soul. Mind, body and soul can’t help but blossom when one is surrounded by such beauty and pure energy!




As we moved into the magic hour the light was AMAZING! Natures radiance glowed from everything that surrounded us. We were blanketed in her warm embrace. The sunlight seeped into each pore of my being.




I love the lavender hue that moves across the landscape as the sun gets ready to dip below the horizon.



When the light is just right you can see the magic that hangs in the air. Can you see it?




What an amazing place to spend the night! I am so glad we decided to camp on top of Devils Dome. Our evening was filled with so much beauty and magic! The sunset was Stunning!



12 thoughts on “North Cascades ~ Day 2 ~ Part 2

  1. your post is gorgeous!
    lovely to see your lovely beings in the photos, fun to see your bed, the sunset is beyond words, amazing light. what a lovely time you had!

  2. Oh thank you for sharing these pictures and your hiking experience of home…I could not go hiking this year…and I missed seeing all the bumps and flowers of my back yard

  3. Hi Stacey,

    Gosh these are so beautiful! It must be such a transformational feeling to be on top of such powerfully majestic mountains. The energy there must be something else to experience too.

    Thank you for sharing how you guys camp too 🙂 Maybe one day to teach me and Markus (and many others too) you can show how you guys deal with meals, how much and what to pack, etc…

    Okay I am just blatantly asking for a personal lesson on how to be a prepared long-distance hiker 😀

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