North Cascades ~ Day Two ~ Part 1

On day two of our hike I am not sure we even made it 10 miles for the day. There were so many magical scenes to capture our attention. It really was a beautiful day filled with lovely hiking and many stops to just soak in the nature around us. We got so many pictures that I am making day two a 2 part entry.


We really were stopping all the time to absorb the feelings and beauty of nature around us. It seemed like even though we were looking at the same mountain range most of the time it really was changing with every mile or two that we hiked.



We saw so many different angles of Jack Mountain. It really is a stunning peak. I am not sure that many people even get to see it. One of the best hikes to view it is this loop, and there was no one out there except us. We heard from another hiker that there was a family that probably did the same loop as us, but it took them 11 days. In the above picture I loved the stripes of exposed rock on the left hand side of the picture. We actually walked right under those little rock shoots. I think it was rock pushed by snow/snow melt in the spring. It just had such an interesting feel to it.


The white peak on the left is Mt. Baker from the backside. Its so interesting to have a totally different perspective of the mountain that we get to look at from our yard. It just looks like one of many peaks from this perspective. From our house we only see it and the Twin Sisters, you would never guess the magnitude of the North Cascades lingering just behind it. Its always good to get another perspective in life!


Here Bernie is basking in the beauty of the mountains that are embracing us. Ah, such a peaceful moment with nature! He is stretching open his mind, body and soul. When we fully open ourselves to the world around us, we are often amazed by the feelings that flow through us.


All the different colours of the meadows, forests, rocks and skies made it feel as if we were immersed in a painting. You can feel the brush strokes of nature here! Look at the amazing colour palate that she chose. I think its called “Mountain Summer Splendor”.


And of course in between photo stops we had blueberry stops! I love to pick a handful at a time and then pop them all into my mouth at once, Mmmmm! Nature has the most pure tastes, so vibrant and full of energy!



We also got to overlap a section of trail that we hiked back in 2004 when we did the Pacific Northwest Trail. It travels from Washington’s outer coast to Glacier National Park. It came right through this part of the North Cascades. It was neat to see what parts of the trail I remembered and what parts seemed new all over again. I found myself drifting back to that hike a little bit.


As we neared Devils Dome we got to do a little bit of ridge walking. This opened up some of the views to the north, giving us even more expansive views of the mountains around us. We stopped often at different view points, pointing out other ridge lines and peaks that we know from other hikes, such as the Pacific Crest Trail.



We are almost to the top. Another pause to absorb these views. I could sit and look at each of these views for weeks and still not absorb all that there is to see and feel in these places.


There are so many special places on this earth. We could spend lifetimes exploring them all. I am endlessly grateful for the amazing places I have been able to experience in my lifetime, and I look forward to visiting many more. I am also very grateful that we have one of these beautiful places so close!

Nature has taught me so much through the years. I love her and am drawn to her embrace. With time I have learned to take her with me when I return to society, and each time I return to visit her wild places I bring even more of her back with me.

7 thoughts on “North Cascades ~ Day Two ~ Part 1

  1. Stacey, you live such a beauty-filled life. 🙂 Your comment about gazing for a week—I completely understand. Whenever you share, like this, you’re giving to me what I don’t have the opportunity to experience. Thank you for these wonderful little gifts!

  2. Hi Stacey, Just catching up with you – the last time I read a post, you were still on the Appalachian Trail. Now you’re on to new trails in the Cascades! Your photos are stunning and make me feel as though I’m on the journey with you. Thank you for your wonderful tour of a beautiful landscape.

  3. When I was in Ireland, I knew the photos I took could not come close to capturing the landscape I was standing there gazing upon, and I am sure it’s the same with these mountain vistas. But even a little taste shows the complete and utter grandeur so well. Thanks so much for taking us along on your journey Stacey.

  4. Dear Stacy,
    I feel as if I a hiking with you! Thank you.
    I too love to gaze and be one with the wild places.
    Mountains are amazing places. The views you shared are amazing.
    I do lots of macro-photography and gaze into the inner wild worlds and eyes of the insects.
    I have so enjoyed catching up with you this morning.

  5. I would think it quite wonderful to get to know a mountain more personally, that is a mountain that one can see from home. Your photos show endless beauty, and I can feel it flowing through they two of you from these photos. Your really share it well with us. Thank you~

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