Birthday BBQ


Yesterday my parents and I went to a BBQ at our friend Stephanie’s house. It was a very lovely gathering of about 20 people. It was partially to celebrate her birthday (which was on the 8th….), but also just a yearly party she throws to get to see many of her friends. She has a beautiful yard filled with bright blooms, and an amazing view of Mount Baker. The weather was so beautiful, it actually felt like we were in big sky country! Mt. Baker was mysteriously hiding behind a cloak of clouds.


The nicest seats in the house were going unused….. It was a shame, what a beautiful place to sit and visit! As it was I didn’t even try to take pictures of people because everyone was sitting in the shade with the sun behind them, so I didn’t feel that I was going to get anything good. So I enjoyed wandering around the yard and capturing the beauty that we were surrounded with!


Not only was I enjoying the flowers, but many little guys were totally immersed in each bloom. I love the fuzzy bumble bees!


And then Mt. Baker made a grand entrance! I think many of the guests even missed it because they had their backs turned toward it, or were immersed in their conversations. In the first picture of this post, Mt. Baker is hiding behind that pile of clouds. It shows you how vastly different the perspective of one view can be. Her view is even more spectacular than ours, just because she is a little bit closer to the mountain than we are. It just looks amazing with those big fluffy clouds sitting behind it, accenting its rock and snow.

I enjoyed getting to meet some new people, and visit with others that I had not seen for many years! And there was SO much good food! Everyone brought a dish or two, and it was all amazing. Gatherings such as these are wonderful, because you get to share with each other in so many ways.


5 thoughts on “Birthday BBQ

  1. It’s great to read of your delight in this wonderful gathering in the beautiful spot. Where we live we can see Mount baker from a northernly aspect. Whenever I see it, my mind turns to thoughts of Hokusai’s woodcut views of Mount Fuji. I entertain myself with the prospect that before I die some young artist will use Mount Baker for a similar thematic exploration. Perhaps this has already been done and i am in complete ignorance of it.
    Your photos are beautiful and gave me such a lift on this rainy day.

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