When we deny our dreams we are but a tight little bud.

Hidden beauty wrapped up in a tense little package.

When we embrace our true nature and start to live our dreams,

We unfold one petal at a time.

Until, before we know it we are a glorious bloom,

Bringing joy and beauty to the world around us!



Thank you to all the beautiful blooms in my life!

Each One of You Touch Me Deeply !




10 thoughts on “Bloom!

  1. Ah, Stacey… There is so much beautiful wisdom in these six brief lines. How very lovely, and what a gift you present to us! Thank you. xoxo ~Julie

  2. I love those words, so very true. Love the photos in the previous post of the trip you and your mom took! It makes me ache to get my walking boots on. O & i have started gatting back into the swing of walking a little again after all our business.

  3. Dearest Stacey, It is late here, and yet, I can’t stop thinking about you. I was looking at photos of you that Bernie put on facebook and I can’t look at them without crying. When I can get a little break there is so much to share. I feel like we have lifetimes to share. You speak to my wild heart and even being here writing you I cannot stop the tears. They are good tears, that clean honest type of tears, that need no reason, no explanation.

    I read this gently beautiful poem and it’s simple grace and beauty is so you. I’ve never met someone who was so filled with grace. It’s not something you do, it’s just who you are. I know I’ve told you that before, but I felt it again tonight so strongly.

    Know that you are always with me, you just are. You are part of my days…always. I love you Stacey. And I have the deepest heart filled respect for who you are. Love, Robin

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