I know what you are thinking….. Wasn’t it last weekend that she was in Oregon? Yup, I am just a master procrastinater! So here are some pictures from the mini road trip that mom and I took last Sunday before coming back home. We did a really beautiful loop heading east from the Salem area.


The resevoirs were all pretty busy with people out in boats. Everyone enjoying the refreshing energy of water on a warm day.


We found this old cash register while walking along a beautiful little creek. I think moms hypothesis was probably right on, someone stole it from some store, and dumped it in the creek after emptying out the money to get rid of the evidence. Nature has a way of reclaiming and making everything beautiful!


We stopped multiple times along this creek, this spot being the most amazing! They took an old bridge support and built this platform out over these deep pools for fishermen. The pool was deep and SO beautiful! I just can’t believe that colour. Mom and I were both drawn to the water, it looked so inviting, and perhaps if the road did not hover just above us we would have worked up the courage to peel off a couple layers and take a dip. Although it would have been quite refreshing! We did stick our feet in though, and through that we were rejuvenated!


I wish I had caught the smile on her face as she splashed her feet in the water. This creek brought much joy to my mom! We could have both stayed there all day long. But we moved on, and had a beautiful drive up and over a pass and then looped back around to Salem. We stopped and bought some fresh peaches, and then started our long drive back home.


5 thoughts on “Oregon?

  1. Hi Stacey

    Sounds like you two had a wonderful time! The photos are beautiful and what a find with that cash register!

    As for time… oh I know all too well, that sometimes our intentions are great, but our spirit has another intention of when and how things get done… and I think that is all perfectly good 🙂

  2. how wonderful that you and your mother do trips together and enjoy what you find each step of the way. Lovely to take in the world through your eyes and thoughts. sending love,

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