A Union in the Beauty of Nature

This past weekend my mom and I made the pilgrimage down to Salem Oregon to attend my cousin, Annika’s Wedding. We were not 100% sure we were going to make it down until the day before, which perhaps is a good way of doing such a journey, not thinking about it for too long. So Saturday morning we packed up my cute little car and headed south. The drive only took us 6 hours, and that was with a couple brief stops and some traffic, not too bad!

We checked into our hotel and got changed into our wedding outfits. I have to say I didn’t manage to bad considering I never attend weddings (well except for Annika’s brothers wedding last year….. Its the in thing to do in their family aparently). I somehow managed to not get a picture of myself at the wedding, perhaps because I was the one with the camera.

The wedding was outdoors, and at a beautiful location. Outdoor weddings always seem to draw in the slight threat of rain, and this one was no different. It sprinkled a little in the hour before the wedding, causing everyone to hold their breath for a few moments. But the weather decided to behave itself, and was quite nice. The ceremony started at 7pm, backlit by the lovely evening sun peeking through the light layer of clouds.


It is so nice to enjoy the outdoors during a wedding ceremony. As they were saying their vows a little white whispy seed floated across in front of them and then off into the evening sky. I am not sure if anyone else witnessed this, but to me it was the blessing of nature on their union. Birds danced through the sky all around us at different times during the ceremony. The creek gurgled softly in the background.


You can’t see it in my pictures above, but the creek was right behind the wedding party. What a beautiful symbol of spirit flowing past them.



The reception was lovely, held in a very comfortable space. We got to visit with family, catching up on a few stories here and there. It is quite sad in certain ways, I have 16 first cousins, and manage to barely stay in contact with only a couple of them. I would love to talk to them more, and share stories of our journey through life, but as we all know life has a way of taking us all on different paths, and sometimes it is hard to stay in touch while walking those seperate journeys. But I got to visit with my cousin Bradley and his beautiful wife Kathleen (we attended their wedding last fall). I really enjoyed our time together! I also got to visit with a couple of my aunts and uncles. It was a lovely time to catch up, and as always much too brief.


My aunt Judy, the lovely mother of the bride made much of the food for the reception. She is a great cook, and the food created a wonderful comfortable home feeling for the evening. Then there was the cake! Beautiful, yummy, and way too much of it for all of us to finish off. Someone is having cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


As the evening light faded happy chatter and laughter filled the air. People making new connections, others visiting with old friends. We watched a slideshow of the lovely couple from childhood to their journeys together. A few brave souls danced a couple songs. And then it was time for the send off. There were little tubes of bubbles on each table, we made our way to lining each side of a walk way, and started blowing bubbles. Annika and Matt left in a cloud of bubbles, what a fairy tale ending to a union in the great outdoors!

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