One Third of the Way Through

Hi Everyone!

  Another update along the pilgrimage of the Appalachian Trail. Can you believe that we have made it 1/3 of the way already? In many ways I can’t. It really is amazing how time flies when you are out on the trail. I am lucky if I remember what month it is, let alone what day it is. I think this summer is just going to disolve, we will be done before we know it.

  This trip has plenty of new experiences for me, and the latest one that I am adjusting to is the humidity and heat. It is so vastly different hiking in high humidy, I am not used to that on the west coast. I feel my body learning to get used to this new feeling, although now that we have taken a zero in a hotel room with air conditioning, it might take a little re-adjusting.

  Everyone’s comments are so wonderful, thank you everyone for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me! I really do enjoy it. In my last post Gaelyn and Tammie asked what trail might be next on our mind. At this point I am not going to fully commit, but there is the possibility that next year we would hike the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). The CDT was actually my first long distance trail, of which I only hiked 2,000 of the ~3,000 miles. It was extremely challenging for me in so many ways being my first hike, and so I am tempted to do the whole thing over again from start to finish. This would allow me to hike it with more ease, and have better memories over all of the journey. There is a lot of time in between now and then, so it is hard to say that we will do that for sure, but if we do that will be my triple crown in three years. The triple crown is hiking all three of the major long distance trails.

  Well my body is well rested, and the sun is shining outside, I believe it is time to get back outdoors and continue the trek north. We start hiking along the blue ridge parkway in the next day or so, it is supposed to be a beautiful stretch, and I look forward to it! Enjoy summer everyone, it is a beautiful time of the year!!


6 thoughts on “One Third of the Way Through

  1. You’ve covered so much distance already! Glad you’re enjoying the experience. Don’t melt in the heat! Stay safe and well.

  2. Oh, the Blue Ridge Parkway should be lovely right now! All those wild Rhododendrons blooming! Have a wonderful time Stacey and soak in every moment.

  3. Hey Bernie and Stacey,

    How’s it going? I stumbled across your PCT site (terrific pictures), and then I stumbled across this one. Great to hear you’re on the trail again–for me, it’ll be another year or two before I can do the CDT. Anyway, I live less than an hour from the AT in southern MA, and my parents live 15 minutes away in NY, right near the NJ/NY border. Get in touch when you get up to this neck of the woods. I might be able to do a little trail magic for you.

    I was hoping to see you one last time at the Canadian border, but I guess I was in a bit of a hurry to get done. Hope you’re having a great time out there!

    -Birdman (Scott)

  4. Hi and glad to see an update. One third already done. You amaze me. After walking 6 to 7 miles some days I’m wiped out. Oh to be your age and in condition, wow. But then I wouldn’t have all these wonderful grandkids in my life (yet), that would still be up ahead in my future. But still, …….to have your your youth and stamina.

    I’ve just talked myself into walking 7 miles tomorrow. ha!

    Be safe and gets lots of good pics!

  5. wonderful indeed on your new adventure trip!

    its not just what you love you are doing, but loving whatever is coming the way too,heat etc… without complaining..thats the beauty! not always one is blessed to have the one we love but one has the choice to learn to love all that which comes….

    wishing you the Best!

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