Each Little Thing

  We are on the Appalachian Trail! We have made it 30 miles into the trail, and are enjoying a bit of relaxing time at the hostel here at Neeles Gap.

  Its a great feeling to be on the AT, we are now on our journey north. I feel that spring has started just as we get on this trail, a fresh begining to a new journey. We have been meeting some nice people, and have had the chance to get to know some of them a little better here at the Hostel. The hard thing is that no one is putting in the same mileage as we are, so we really will not see the same people again, unless we stop for a day or two like here at the hostel.

  Its so magical being out in nature. Although I do have to say that this trail feels a little closer to society than any of the other trails we have done, but thats an amazing dynamic to experience too. Its so great to see people that have not had the chance to experience the outdoors for long periods of time starting their journey along a trail that will bring them closer to nature and all the wonder that she holds. It’s as if everyone is sticking their toe in, testing the waters, getting a feel for their new world.

  I love looking at the little details as I move along the trail, I seem to be able to focus on the small details better than the larger picture much of the time for some reason. But I feel that I get to experience some things that very few would ever notice. Like, did you know that crickets like chocolate? On one of our food breaks the other day, I happened to look down at my pants, and there was a tiny little cricket type creature, snacking on some minute crumbs of my meal. I wanted to find him something to eat, and found a little piece of chocolate. When offered to my little friend, he started to gobble it up. Now who would have ever known!! When his appetite of sweets had been fulfilled, he started to explore. His little antenai going a mile a minute (sugar high?) as he jumped from leaf to leaf around our viewpoint.

  I look forward to all the other small and large details that fill our experience along the trail. I hope we have the chance to check in online and update along the way. I would love to practice my writing, and learn how to become a story teller of our hiking adventures. Until next time, enjoy each moment everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Each Little Thing

  1. You are due southeast of where we live in northwest GA Stacey! Sounds like the adventure has definitely begun. Continue to soak in each day so you can tell us all about it. Be safe.

  2. Hi there and thanks so much for the update. This is a plus because I figured you wouldn’t update until the trip was over. I spent a few nights about a week or so ago, reading about your whole trip before along the Pacific Coast Trail. What a wonderful adventure and am definitely following along on this one. Can’t wait to read more updates. Love the story of the cricket. Stay safe and have fun.

  3. Oh Stacey this is sooooooooo endearing. I too LOVE the little details. They leave me feeling that I’ve seen and experienced something GRAND and also connected with the most magical aspects of Life, the often over looked (by us humans) aspects of Life. I always go away feeling SO much richer and more alive.

    I think of you each day and am so blessed for your presence in my life. Yesterday as I trudged up the hill walking about 1mile per 11 minutes I wondered what your eyes were seeing. It was almost as if I felt your feet hitting the Earth along with mine. I figured you’d still be walking as it was early afternoon here and mid afternoon where you are.

    I was deeply touched by your note and want you to know that you are in my thoughts each day and I have so much respect for you. You and Bernie helped me so much right before you left. In ways I often think about, and make me marvel over soul connections. And the potential for healing growth and love over great distance. I just think some souls are connected.

    I walk with you in spirit each day.
    Much love to you,

    Give my love to Bernie and hugs to you both.

  4. Wishing you well on the continued path!

    How fun to fill us in as we live in spirit through the amazing experience you and Bernie are taking.

    Continue the enjoyment of the present moment and freedom that such an experience brings 🙂

  5. Oh, Stacey, those moments of observing the smallest of things are the BIGGEST moments in our hearts! They are what make the world sing. It’s how I live—unless I’m standing sooooo far back to see the biggest picture I can. 😉

    Didn’t your heart just melt?? The cricket… You could almost feel yourself “conversing” with him, couldn’t you. Awesome. To be able to be so connected to all around you. You are living a tremendous blessing. Thank you for sharing it with us in such a beautifully PERSONAL way. 🙂

    Love to you and Bernie,
    ~ Julie

  6. Hello there! We met you today at the outfitter at Fontana Dam. When we get a chance off the trail I would love to read up on your past adventures. Happy hiking and hopefully we’ll see you up the trail.

    -Ridley & Panther aka: Misti and Chris

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