Greetings from Georgia!

Hi Everyone!

Here we are in Georgia, almost to the Appalachian Trail. We started in Alabama on the Pinhoti trail, made our way into Georgia. The Northern terminus of the Pinhoti trail runs into the Benton Mackaye trail, which we are currently on. We only have 17 miles left until we start the Appalachian Trail. And then we start our northward journey to Maine!

So far its been a good trip. It has been a wee bit chilly, and wet. But I believe that spring is trying to break through. So hopefully we will get to start experiencing the beauty that spring has to offer soon. I really look forward to seeing the plants greening up and blooming, it will be magical! We have been walking through some Rhododendron forests, I bet they are amazing in full bloom, perhaps we will have the chance to see some of them up north! The nice thing about the trees not being leafed out yet is that you can see through them and see the views. That will not be very common when everything is green and lush.

We will have done about 300 miles by the time we make it to the AT, which works out to be a really good warm up trail for me. I believe I needed it to get in shape for the steep up and down of the AT. The ridges have been slowly getting a little larger and more extensive, giving me the perfect workout. Which is good, because I didn’t do nearly enough to get in shape before we left….. hehe.

We spent the night at a lovely couples house (Reggie and Sheila) that we met near a trail head. We had asked them about resupplying in the area, and they offered to take us into town when we reached the next road, near their home. They took us in, fed us a great meal, and allowed us to have a wonderfully relaxing evening. Right now I am catching up on their laptop, looking out the window at their bird feeder, enjoying all the beautiful birds. My favorite being the Tufted Titmouse! We have been seeing birds along the trail, including large groups of Turkey, which is fitting along the Pinhoti trail, because Pinhoti means “Turkey Home”.

It will be great to be on the AT. I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful scenery of the East Coast. The Pinhoti Trail and the Benton Mackaye Trail have been pretty quiet, we only saw a couple other hikers, so it will be really interesting to see how many people are on the AT at this time.

I hope all is well for everyone! I am not sure how often we will have the chance to catch up online, but I look forward to checking in as much as I can and see what everyone is up to!

Enjoy your spring everyone!


6 thoughts on “Greetings from Georgia!

  1. Hi Stacey, I was excited to see a post from you. Already 300 miles covered (before your actual adventure on the AT!) You Go Girl! Will look forward to any updates you can make. Hope you are taking lots of pics…

  2. Stacey, how lovely to catch up with you and Bern on this blog (Bern left a wonderful, insightful comment on my blog, with the news that he would return again in autumn).

    But here you both are – I just found you through your comment on radiant Robin’s blog – followed you here, and found Stacey AND Bern.

    Your photos are inspiring, and I look forward to insights from along the trail.

    Spring energy to you both from Japan, and a warm wind from the mountains – Catrien Ross.

  3. Welcome to GA Stacey! Good luck as you all start your journey on the trail! Looking forward to the stories that will be ahead of you guys. Be safe!

  4. It sounds as if it is just the right time of year to be starting this hike and I am sure it is going to be spectacular as well. I look forward to reading more about it as you go alond.

  5. Hi Stacy and Bernie, Finally took a moment to look at your website, and read both your recent blogs. How nice to be able to keep up with you. Left you a phone message this morning, when we woke to snow and thought of you. Hope you are warm and dry! You are still closer to us than I thought you might be, so call if you need or want another dry/warm respite – or trip to the grocery store. But I didn’t know there was a hostel at Neels Gap, so I guess you got a respite there. Forecast is for warming after today…. Bet its beautiful up on the ridges in the snow – if it’s laying on the ground more up there than it is here. Happy trails! Sheila & Reggie

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