Adventures Along the Spit


What a spectacular day spent in the sun!

Bernie and I went to Semiahmoo Spit today.

Its a great place to spend the day taking pictures of water fowl.

Because it is a spit you can follow the sun from one side to the other, getting the perfect light on your subjects.

The first bit of wildlife we came across was this very regal Bald Eagle.

She was sitting on this snag watching the world go by.

We were taking some pictures of her, and she took off,

Only to return shortly with a tuft of grass she had collected.

Does it look like a good place for a nest? She seemed to be really thinking about it.

In this photo she looks quite proud of her little tuft (which later was blown off the snag by the wind).




There is a nice pier next to the resort at the end of the spit.

It’s a favorite spot of Bernie’s to observe all kinds of different birds out in the water.



Last year they installed these viewing machines.

They are a great way to look across the water at the small town of White Fish, in Canada.

And another one looks toward Mt. Baker.

I took along a few of my needle felted acorns, and left them as little treasures.

I wrote up a little note to go with them.

“I am a good luck charm, hang me somewhere special to always remind you to follow your dreams!”

I hope they bring a little spot of joy to a couple peoples lives.

I have so much fun leaving them places!



On our way back to the car we came across a little flock of Black Turnstones.

What sweet little birds!

These guys were very calm and trusting.

I could even get close with my camera, and capture some photos.

The light and setting was just beautiful!



On the way home we stopped at Birch Bay to watch the sunset.

We had just enough clouds to create a beautiful contrast.

So lovely reflecting across the water and sand.


10 thoughts on “Adventures Along the Spit

  1. What a wonderful day you had, and I love the images you captured! How neat that you leave such cool little surprises around Stacey. I wish I had been the next person on that pier. :c)

  2. Stacey, you are such a love. How fun for someone to find your gift, which will bring a smile. Great place to observe the world. And the sunset to end a wonderful day was truly a gift for you, and thus us.

  3. It looks as though you had a sweet day of beauty and grand weather. Each photo is wonderful. I love the bird on the colorful rocks, wow. And the final sunset has lovely texture, movement and light, gorgeous.

  4. What a lovely blog you have, and suh wonderful photos…It’s so nice to leave little gifts for others to find, what a charming idea…I wish I had been one of those finding such…

  5. Stacey, what fabulous shots – I tarried on each one. That multilayered sunset brings perfect closure! Your little talismans are wonderful – I can just imagine the smile they bring to whoever finds them.

  6. Hi Stacey! I am one person who found your little acorn. I cannot even begin to tell you why this was such a delightful find for me! It made my day to find it. I was taking my dogs on their daily walk and, on this particular day, we went a new way to walk on the beach. That new way took me right by the public telescope where your acorn lay waiting to be found. A spontaneous and delightful little ‘ohhhhhh’ came out of my mouth, when I found it, held it up, and then finding the little note beneath it, that read “I am a good luck charm. Hang me somewhere special to always remind you to folloe your dreams.!” Along my walk, I pondered “why an acorn for a ‘good luck charm’?” and then it came over me… “from little acorns grow mighty oaks”! My life is, and always has been, a huge struggle. The day I found your ‘acorn’, I just didn’t have any belief in myself, any longer. I was feeling so resigned. Finding your acorn was like a ‘gift’ that my ‘guardian angel’ propelled me to…. like saying “don’t give up”! Now, I have it hanging in a very visible place to remind me to follow my dreams. I haven’t yet. The struggle for believing in myself is ENORMOUS. But, how I thank you for your kindness and goodness. You have no idea what it means to me. It is almost ‘magical’ in its healing quality. thank you thank you thank you…. ~ Belle

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