Cama Beach Getaway – Part 1



My Dad wanted to do a little get away with me before we left on our Summer adventure.

So I did some looking around for places near by, and found a treasure!

Cama Beach State Park is located on Camano Island. It is the newest state park in Washington.

It is a small resort that was built in the 30’s for familys to come enjoy in the summer.

Its a collection of really cute little cabins. They are simple little buildings, but very comfortable.

All but 4 of the cabins lack a bathroom within, but a new and very nice bathhouse is very close by.

It was quite humorous to me that so many people complained about not having a bathroom within their cabin.

Even though each cabin had hot water, a fridge and electricity (which includes heat).

Our every day luxuries are taken for granted.

It is valuable to take a moment to appreciate everything in our lives,

We are truely blessed with many comforts that most did not have 100 years ago (or even more recently).





The day we arrived we were welcomed with a beautiful glowing sunset.

The light on the water was truely beautiful.

It was the start of a relaxing couple of days along Saratoga Passage.





Our weather was really wonderful for this time of year!

The clouds passed in front of the sun a few times, but over all we were blessed with lovely sunshine!

It truely felt like spring, I really could not believe that it was February!

The wildlife abounded in the area.

What a special treat to be able to watch all of these beautiful creatures.

There were many different water birds (unfortunatly this is a weak spot in my bird ID skills).

I watched a porpoise swim through the passage.

A pair of Bald Eagles lived in a tree above the cabins, and spent their days soaring the skies and calling to each other.





What a tranquil setting, it is no wonder that these cabins were built here.

And what a treat for many more to enjoy!

The property has been slightly restored and improved by the park system.

The cabins really are a wonderful price, making this a reasonable getaway for families!




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12 thoughts on “Cama Beach Getaway – Part 1

  1. How lovely this looks Stacey. You are right, it seems that the world has gone soft and people cannot cope with a little hardship now and then. I wonder what they would have said if there was no running water and refrigeration? 🙂

  2. How wonderful to have a get away with your Dad, and in such a marvelous surroundings. I’m sure you’re getting very excited about the upcoming trip. Hope you’ll be able to post or email once in a while along this trail.

  3. What a terrific, beautiful place! And such a great way to spend time with your Dad. Love your photos! The reflection of the sunset in the water is beautiful! Hope you have a great week!


  4. A tranquil setting indeed. What a great place to just chill with your father. It is so true that we have become so demanding and complain too often.

  5. Hello Stacey,
    This looks like a wonderful get away. How wonderful that you and your papa got to spend this time together. You make me want to visit this place. Thank you for your lovely reminder to appreciate what we have!

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