Getting in Shape with Nature



Today Angel (Above) and I went for a hike.

We went south, to the Chuckanuts, to hike the Pine and Cedar Lakes Trail.

This is a great trail for me to get back in shape on,

Its a steep climb up, and reminded me I have not been very active this winter.

Huff and Puff.





Our sun was shining today! Well at least this morning.

After a nice 2 mile climb up the steep old logging road,

We arrived at Cedar Lake.

I took this picture from in the shade, and spotted a bench basking in the sun on the other side of the lake.

We migrated to that bench, and I took a little cat nap basking in the sunshine.

My soul soaked up some much needed sunshine,

While Angel listened to the squirrels and other small wildlife scurrying around.





After my little rest, we climbed up a trail to a view point above the lake.

It looks out across some of our clearcut hills toward Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters.





It almost looks like Mt. Baker is lounging across the foothills in this photo.

Basking in the sunshine.

Angel and I started back down, taking a hidden side trail back down to the main trail.

My legs felt like rubber on the steep downhill.

Tonight my body is happily tired!

A wonderful reminder to start getting in shape for the up coming hike.


Bernie went on a slightly different adventure today,

And got some amazing photos of his own.

Check them out Here


12 thoughts on “Getting in Shape with Nature

  1. how wonderful that you got out with angel, soaking up the beauty as you let your body remember what it is like to move and groove with the earth. Your photos are lovely.

  2. Hi Stacey

    My God what a beautiful area you live in! That hike you took sounds and looks heavenly!

    And Angel is so cute!!!!!

    It is so beautiful that you had this chance to connect with nature and yourself like that. We have been having some sunny days finally but a bit of a deep freeze kicked in. Good news it is on its way out and I look forward to getting out for some walks myself 🙂

  3. Holy mackerel, What beautiful place you hiked, dear Stacey. It’s like you walked into the arms of god or the divine. You did. I think I would have cried over such beauty. Sometimes I do in the mountains. I hike in and sit by a creek and when I am flooded with the wild, tears just run down my face, from the sweetness of being alive in that moment.

    Your photos…I don’t even have words for. I could smell the conifers. Oh man, we are blessed. We are so truly blessed. I am grateful that you are someone who sees, and loves and knows….AND appreciates the wild. There are so many who can go a whole lifetime and never experience or know such beauty. I find that particularly sad when it is children. Children who know only concrete and tar.

    I can’t get over the fact that you have no snow there. It’s soooo beautiful and there are even ferns growing alongside the trail. That is remarkable. I know I keep saying this Stacey, but I also cannot get ever the “grace” in you, about you, in everything you express. I just looked “grace” up in the dictionary and the meanings really fit you.

    “# the state of one who is under such divine influence;
    # elegance and beauty of movement or expression…”
    # “a disposition to kindness and compassion”

    I just sense that really fits who you are. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience. I too am doing some uphill hiking with a bit of weight on my back to prepare for summer hikes. So you encourage me as well. Hugs, Robin 🙂

  4. You make it sound so wonderful Stacey that I wish I was with you on your hike. What a lovely area to do it in and to get back in shape on.

    Heard about your new hike that you are planning and wish I could go with. It sounds fantastic.

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