Light Shines Within



We took an evening walk.

Mount Baker was basking in the sunlight.





Even though it is only January,

It really did feel like spring today.





These pictures speak stronger and more beautifully than my words ever could,

About our lovely outing,

Soaking up the sunshine.





The park that we visited has a lovely fragrance garden.

This garden held a fragrant beauty for us to meet.

I recently learned that this is the blooming season for Witch Hazel.

A lovely surprise this time of year!





And today I learned,

It comes in red also.





Peaceful moments spent outdoors,

Soaking up natures essence.

Tonight my light shines within!


12 thoughts on “Light Shines Within

  1. Wonderful and awe-inspiring images, Stacey. I can’t think of anything better and more real than spending time soaking up nature’s essence. Magical! x

  2. Oh so lovely to get outside. Mt Baker really shines with all that snow. Didn’t know about flowering witch hazel, it’s a beautiful bit of color to add to winter.

    Very gray and drizzly here today, sort of like the NW.

  3. Stacey! Your photos are spiritly beautiful! I know spiritly does not seem to be a word, but I now claim it to be so. Like shockingly- anyway. Your photos are dreamy and wonderful. I am so glad you had a wonderful time and a fragrance garden sounds like a dream come true!

  4. Hi Stacey, Mount Baker and you are both glowing from within! I had no idea this is how witch hazel looks – very colorful against winter’s backdrop.

  5. This seems to quite famous mountain and very beautiful as well. And your shots have just made them even more beautiful with the way you’ve frame Mountain Baker.

  6. Dear Beautiful Stacey,

    Oh my word, you truly ARE a grace-filled soul. I don’t know why but this brought tears to my eyes. I think it is your deep love of simple still beauty. I always feel like I can breathe. I’ve been so swamped with work lately getting my book ready that I’ve had little time for blogging, so when I came here it’s as if you spoke the longing in my heart Stacey. Although I go for a morning walk/jog across the high desert most mornings I miss “being” in the wild every single day. I know I will return to that lifestyle again but for now it my walks keep me connected to the Earth I love so deeply.

    Also I did not know this about witch hazel. Gosh, Nature is soooooooo remarkable. For me Nature IS truth. I was just reading one of Bern’s PST installments last night and I cannot believe what you guys did. You inspire me beyond words. .

    I was deeply touched by your kind heartfelt note. You are a one of a kind. Thank you for being so kind and loving. It moved me deeply. Hugging you, Robin. I’ve missed being here. 🙂

    PS This is the way you ALWAYS shine, Stacey. It’s what I see in you ALL the time.

  7. Hi Stacey,
    Your photos are so beautiful and very peaceful images…
    The snow covered mountain looks magic, like it is floating above the landscape!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.
    Love Jo.x:)

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