Life’s Abundance



The Universe produces endless abundance in infinate forms.

If you feel that you are lacking any form of abundance in your life,

It is as simple as shifting your mindset.

When we appreciate the abundance that is already in our lives,

We will attract more abundance into our experience.

And often there is MUCH abundance in our lives that we simply may be overlooking,

So just take a few moments to reflect on what is abundant in your life.

The more time you reflect upon and appreciate your abundance,

You will be amazed to find so much more flowing into your life!





My life is filled with so many forms of abundance,

And I appreciate all of it!

One form of abundance in our lives on the farm lately is eggs…….

We have close to 100 chickens (hens and roosters) at the moment.

A couple months ago we were not getting a single egg from our girls,

Due to a hard molt (loosing their feathers) and the lack of sunlight.

Well we told them they needed to get with the program.

Be careful what you wish for…..

It started with one egg and the numbers kept rising.

We are currently getting on average 20 eggs a day at this moment,

With the numbers at a slow but steady rise.

We love our farm fresh eggs! What a beautiful healthy gift they are,

But there is no way that we can eat anywhere near 20 eggs a day.



So how is abundance present in your life in this moment?


8 thoughts on “Life’s Abundance

  1. I am alive, Stacey, after having a Heart Attack last Friday – my whole life seems very abundant right now! The simplicity of your photos is a joy to me.

  2. such a lovely post on abundance and your photos are gorgeous! Protein is a good thing. My life is abundant with good people and love, beautiful land and water, good spirit and health. I am thankful. Thank you for asking and inspiring.

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