The Art of Appreciation


Our weather cleared up a bit today, we even had moments of sunlight! This is a treat here in the Northwest during the winter months. Bernie and I took a little journey to the Chuckanut Mountains today. We have not been getting outside as much as we enjoy lately, so it was nice to get some fresh air and be immersed in nature. We ended up hiking about 6 miles, which was a good stretch for our legs and souls.



Nature emulates the same form in many different ‘beings’. Here is a tree impersonating an octopus. It looks as if this tree started as a little seedling in a bit of dirt on the top of this rock. As it grew it spread its ‘arms’ to embrace its new home. What a beautiful form it has taken! I love to see the life in plants, they are such amazing beings to me. If you have ever doubted that plants are ‘alive’ and ‘conscious’, take the time to sit in nature and watch the plants around you. Not only might you watch them come to life through the day, they might start to talk to you in their own special way. What do the plants have to teach you?



This moss illustrates how wet it has been around here lately. It has soaked up the rain like a sponge, and is still dripping with it, even though it did not rain a drop today. What amazing form these little plants take. I love to look at the form of these graceful little beings. There is so much detail we can miss in our every day world if we don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy it.



The cedar trees were coated in this beautiful lichen on the lower part of their trunks. It highlighted the amazing patterns that the cedar bark grows in. Each tree had a unique ‘painting’ on it.



It looks as if this tree is stepping into the light, to enjoy the wee bit of sun rays that were shining through the canopy. Are you stepping into your own personal light?



We did a big loop hike that takes us on a beautiful journey through the woods, seeing many amazing different scenes along the way. The light was not plentiful today, thus the slight darkness to many of the photos. But it was a spectacular day to spend outside, enjoying the beauty of nature. And when the sun managed to peek through the clouds and the tree canopy, it was a special treat that made the emerald foliage on the forest floor glow.


What a beautiful day Bernie and I got to spend in the Chuckanuts. If you feel yourself being down, tired, or bored in the winter months; take the time to go outside. Nature has an amazing way of re-setting our souls, helping us come back to our center.


And I received a treat when I got home. A lovely lady I met on Facebook, Peggy Halevi is in the process of publishing her first book. She asked if I would like to review a copy of her not yet released book, and give her my feedback, I was honored! Well, her book arrived today, and I look forward to reading it!! “The Art of Appreciation” by Peggy Halevi will be immerging into the world shortly. This has prompted the title of this post, because I truely appreciate my life in every way!

14 thoughts on “The Art of Appreciation

  1. If there is one thing I am sure of after looking at and reading this post Stacey it is that you love nature as much as I do. Why is it that some people cannot see what we see?

    Enjoy the book.

  2. Your way of looking at things is so like mine…not just the broad vista but the details most people pass by. I must admit to being a tree foot fetishist, a lover of bark and mosses and lichens as well ascreepy crawlies and the tiny things that grow underfoot.
    A wonderful walk with so much that makes the heart swell.

  3. Hello Stacey,

    These images take my breath away!

    It is a gift to see the magic that is all around us. Nature’s canvas is ever luminous with rich brush strokes in the unexpected.

    Thanks for this treat!

  4. StaceeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeey!!!!!!!!!!

    its been so long!!! I’m very rarely on blogs these days, lots has changed for me in the past few months 🙂

    Seeing all your gorgeous photos is, as always, inspiring, evocative & just downright special! I’m going to take out some time to read up on your adventures with Bern! Cant wait 🙂

    warmest hugs,


  5. I LOVE those photographs! The trees are so amazing. Do you know what type of trees those are? So cool. Looks like a beautiful walk 🙂

  6. Hi Stacey
    I am so thrilled to have found a kindred spirit-the forest is alive with enchanting magic and you see and capture this magic so beautifully. I love this post and can’t wait to read through the rest of your blog.
    Thank you so much for leaving a message on my post – Forest Snow People.

  7. Stacey you captured the beauty of your hike in a glorious and sensuous way. I felt my eyes drinking in the green wet beauty! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your day and reminding us that to be outside is a gift to oneself.

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