Our Christmas Card


Carry the Spirit of Christmas With You Through the Year!


The Dearest Christmas is the Christmas in the Heart.


May the Magic of Christmas fill Each Corner of Your Home and Heart!



So this Christmas, I decided that I wanted to make our cards. One reason for this is there was a list of people that we call trail angels, or trail hosts. These are beautiful people that invited us into their homes to rest along the trail, or did other beautiful things for us on our great pilgrimage! And I also wanted a nice personal card to send to friends and family. So I made this collage of some pictures from the trail this summer. I made it into a 5×7 format, and took it into Costco to be printed simply as a 5×7 print. Then I came home, and on the computer made up the 3 different holiday greetings above to print onto card stock I have. On the back I printed “Stacey and Bernie. A collection of photos from our thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail 2009”. I then glued the picture on the front of the card. A fun and unique Christmas Card! This is a great way to share with loved ones some of the fun and unique things that you do through the year through pictures. Many photo editing programs have a “collage maker”.


So this is my Christmas card to all my lovely online friends! I hope all of you have had a most beautiful holiday season!


6 thoughts on “Our Christmas Card

  1. OMG!! I gasped when I opened the page here. I was stunned by the beauty. As you probably noted from my Nakedineden.com website I too LOVE collages. The are like eye candy for me. This is the best I’ve ever seen.

    I was telling my husband a few nights ago about you and all the thousands of miles of hiking you’ve done…and how I want to hike this trail. I always used to think I would do the Appalachia Trail, but since reading and seeing photos of the PCT I think I would prefer to do it. Who knows, maybe one day I will do them both. LOL!! But the beauty here is the personification of peace.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Stacey. Your photos just take my breath away. They not only reflect the soul of Nature, but your soul as well.

    You are filled with elegance and grace.

  2. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! I feel so silly now for not letting you know I had selected your blog as one of my favorites. Honestly, I didn’t want to “bother” you with random fan mail. But I should have realized it’s always nice to get a friendly note, right? Plus, we chicken lovers should stick together. 🙂

    Happy 2010! Can’t wait to see what you create & what adventures you have this year. And thanks again for taking time to say hello. It was a nice surprise this evening.

    xo ~ k

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