A Christmas Filled With Beauty!


Well, I had a lovely Christmas with my beautiful family! We had a very relaxed and peaceful day. It was filled with beautiful moments shared together, and some really special gifts for each other! As you can see from the photo above, we rarely skimp during Christmas, although I truely feel that we are moving away from getting “stuff” as was sometimes the case in the past, and now are making an effort to make and get items that we know will mean something to each of us.


Now, I do have to say I wondered if perhaps we were getting a few too many presents under the tree when Angel was slowly getting pushed out of her bed. It looks as if she is holding her own, even though that red present looks as if it is planning a territory take over.


I got many fun presents today, little things that add to my hobbies. But I have to say there was a couple presents that I am quite excited about. The most meaningful present to me this Christmas was two pendants, one for Bernie, and one for me, from my parents. They had these custom made by an amazing local artist.



If you are not familure with the Sea Otter aspect of our lives, Bernie is a Wildlife Biologist, and before I met him had done several years of Sea Otter research. Two summers ago, we did a volunteer job together up in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska doing Sea Otter research (If you want to see some photos from our journey here are the entries from Bernie’s blog on that adventure! Visit here ). These are truely beautiful creatures, and I fell in love with them! So these pendants are a gift from my parents to remember our adventure with these beautiful animals!


This first pendant is mine, with a beautiful sentiment of love from my parents on the side.



The tallented lady that did this scrimshaw work is Tina White, and she lives here in Bellingham. If you would like to see some of her amazing work I would highly recomend visiting her website www.scrimworks.com . And if you have Facebook, I suggest looking her up by searching “scrimworks”. Her personal site has some beautiful photos of her scrimshaw jewelry.


My parents pulled out a couple of pieces of scrimshaw that they have collected over the years, and there is simply no comparison! Tina does such amazing detail! The other pieces simply look crude next to her work. My photos don’t do justice to these pieces of art, the detail is spectacular! We were looking at these through a jewlers ring, wow!



This beautiful pendant is Bernie’s. Tina really captured the essence of the Sea Otters. So much of the Sea Otter artwork that we have seen has simply lacked accuracy, and the inner essence of what these beautiful little souls are. It is amazing with all her artwork how she captures the essence of what ever she is carving into this fossilized Mammoth Ivory.



My other present I am excited about is this new Sansa clip+ 4GB MP3 player. I know that this is standard equipment for many now days, but I am a little behind. So this was a lovely gift from Bernie for me to be able to take music with me when we go hiking (yes, the Appalachian Trail is seriously calling to me….. I did not think I would be saying that so soon). The technology is truely amazing! I can’t believe how many things this little tiny piece of plastic can do. It also has an FM tuner for when I get bored with the music I put on it. It has beautiful sound!


Another very meaningful gift that my dad is making for Bernie and I, is a serving tray. He does beautiful wood work, and he is creating a beautiful Maple tray with an inlay of two hikers (us) with a mountain in the background. He was not happy with his first attempt at the inlay, so he is starting over (he loves to get his projects perfect). The parts he has done, and shared with us today are really beautiful, and such a loving gift! I look forward to sharing pictures of it when he gets it finished. He made mom an absolutely beautiful Walnut serving tray. It is not quite finished either, but close, and it is an amazing piece of wood!


I also got a few books, all of which I am excited about reading. They are all about our food system now.


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle 

by: Barbara Kingsolver


The Omnivore’s Dilema

by: Michael Pollan


The Wisdom of the Last Farmer

by: David Mas Masumoto


What a beautiful Christmas! It was filled not only with beautiful gifts, but wonderful time spent with my family, enjoying the amazing energy that is the Holidays! I hope everyone had a beautiful day with those that are near and dear to them!

Did you get any special gifts this year?

What did the Holidays mean to you this year?


9 thoughts on “A Christmas Filled With Beauty!

  1. Your parents are so thoughtful! What wonderful presents; you’ve so much to be happy about, in their love for you. And it looks as if you’ve much happy dreaming ahead… paths calling… literal and otherwise. 😉 What fun!

  2. Stacey, the tree is beautiful. I thought Angel might be part of the present pile. 😉 The scrimshaw is exquisite, such intricate detail and depth of feeling. What a thoughtful gift from your parents. The MP3 player is nice although I’m not sure I’d use it while hiking, too many other things to listen to. The Appalachian huh?

    So happy you enjoyed a lovely Christmas. I did also, and thank you for the special gifts.


  3. Hi Stacey, Your tree was very sparkly – I see you had an Angel at the top and the bottom. Love the pendants! My Christmas was filled with Grandchildren, so it was the best – I was really tired by bedtime, though!

  4. Dear Stacey, you are soooooo precious. I just loved the intimacy of this post…and so honest like you. The sea otter pendents are just stunning. Lifetime keepers. I also loved the photo of your tree; your place looks so cozy and magical. Laughed over your little dog curled up right next to the presents. You know, I love how you appreciate so many details in your life. You may not be aware of that in yourself, but you settle deep into the life and events around you in a kind of timeless way, and take it all in. A beautiful quality, which comes out in your writing.

    I was deeply touched by your message on my Facebook page. It really warmed my heart. Not only are you aware of life’s detail, but you are thoughtful as well.

    We spent all of Christmas day hiking. I hope to post a video about if the film is not too jerky. Although it was clear and sunny it was so so sooooooooo windy that it dang near blew me off the mesa edge and over the cliff side. But we LOVED it.

    It is a beautiful gift to connect with you.

  5. Stacey
    Somehow I got a copy of your posting – and I’m honored to be part of your Christmas and hope you enjoy my stories from Wisdom of the Last Farmer. Live well!

  6. Jayne~ I am loving wearing my pendant every day, and learning about the MP3 player. I need to start rounding up music.

    Gill~ This pendant will be a treasured keepsake for the rest of my life. I love it, and the loving energy behind it!

    Julie~ Life is filled with adventures right? Each moment holds something new around every corner. I am learning to appreciate each little gift I recieve, what ever form it is in!

    Gaelyn~ Angel does look a bit like part of the decorations doesnt she? Its a good place for her. 🙂 I agree, while hiking it is nice to hear and experience nature. The thing is though, when it becomes a lifestyle, and you hike almost every single day, all day long, its nice to be able to break it up a little bit. I by no means imagine using the MP3 player on a real regular basis, but I know there will be those days, when a little music might lift my spirits a bit. 🙂 Yeah, I am starting to believe we will be hiking the Appalachian Trail. Another pilgrimage.

    Barb~ I am so glad you had a lovely Christmas with your family! How much fun! Beautiful moments spent with loved ones really are the most wonderful holiday memories.

    Robin~ Your comment truely touched me! I can not say enough how beautiful of a soul you are! You have such a magic way of reaching out and so gently touching the soul of those around you. You see the truth in each individual, and so lovingly point it out to each of us.

    “You know, I love how you appreciate so many details in your life. You may not be aware of that in yourself, but you settle deep into the life and events around you in a kind of timeless way, and take it all in. A beautiful quality, which comes out in your writing.” I am just almost speachless at this, it was touching in so many ways. Your words wrapped around my soul in a warm embrace, touching upon something I have not had anyone openly observe within me.

    Your Christmas hike sounds amazing, what a beautiful way to celebrate the energy of Christmas, I look forward to the video!

    You are a gift in my life, Thank you!

    Mas~ What an amazing surprise and an honor to recieve a comment from you on my blog. It was truely an added gift! I really do look forward to reading your book. I hope you had a most beautiful Holiday season with your family and friends! Wishing you beauty and peace in each moment!

    Marcie~ Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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