Reflecting From Within



When we see the beauty within ourselves,

It reflects onto the world wround us,

And we find that we are immersed in beauty at all times.

So take the time to remember your beauty,

In all its forms.




So we did get snow this weekend, but it was only a couple inches, and did not lend itself to a photo opportunity. So I share this picture from a few winters ago, when my parents came to visit our home in Winthrop. My dad took this picture one morning. There were many moments filled with beauty in Winthrop.

11 thoughts on “Reflecting From Within

  1. Hi Stacey, This Winthrop snow scene is dreamy and mesmerizing. Thank you also for reminding us to look inside for Beauty and let its light shine outward.

  2. Simple beautiful, Stacey, your sentiments and your father’s photo. So welcome, today, too, when I’m feeling less than stellar. This would make a beautiful greeting card! 🙂

  3. This really is a lovely post and your dads photo shows great beauty! It is snowing here and the days seem dark, which is so perfect as we near the darkest day of the year. Sending winter love to you.

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