Beautiful Inside and Out



Alright, this is not my best photography, but it gives you an idea of what I have been up to. These are a few of the presents I have wrapped recently. Honestly, to me wrapping the presents is as much fun as the presents themselves. My mum taught me how to wrap such beautiful gifts! I love that she shared this with me, and that we get to spend time together wrapping.


This bird is one of my favorite packages to date. This little friend was a real treasure to find, and I just got a red version of her yesterday that I look forward to matching with the perfect gift. And this lovely bird has a clip, so instead of gluing her on the package as I do with all the other embelishments, I simply clipped it on the ribbon, so that the person recieving the package could put her anywhere they wanted to enjoy when ever they wanted.





I love all the different looks you can give the packages. Just like the presents inside, each wrapping is unique. Its a challenge to match together different elements, getting the colours right, and a balanced looking embelishment. There is an amazing selection of beautiful flowers, greenery, and glittered bobbles to choose from.





Some people collect figurines…… my mom and I collect Christmas wrapping supplies. We have a couple boxes that we pull out this time of year. Filled with all kinds of bobbles, colours and ribbons. We have a 5 gallon bucket full of tubes of wrapping paper. The possibilities are endless. And we are always in search of a new unique piece to add to our collection.


I love wrapping gifts in a way that they are fully enjoyed as a beautiful gift before they are even opened.


I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season!!

What are you enjoying this Holiday Season?

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Inside and Out

  1. I am one of those people who never wants to open my presents so this would be lovely for me.. It would be beautiful while I imagine the surprise…

  2. The beauty of your package is gift enough Stacey. Although I’d be curious to know what’s inside.

    My gift wrap is usually the bag it came in if anything at all. I have used brown paper bags with my own drawings and the funny papers work great. Yet somehow I usually get stuck in the tape and my corners are not crisp. 😉

  3. Okay I knew when you told me you were wrapping presents that they were going to look good, but I had no idea how good! They are very beautiful. I like the bird one too 🙂

  4. They’re wonderful!!! I think there’s a business opportunity there 😉

    Your friends must look forward so much to seeing what you have created this year – I’d be happy with plain socks in such a gorgeous box!!!


  5. These are works of art! The post brought back memories of my childhood – my aunt (now deceased) would wrap the gift so beautifully, the package was a gift in itself.

  6. Dearest Stacey,

    I just added your site to my RSS feed. And I love it!! My word you are talented. Holy mackerel!!!! These are works of art that I sure as heck wouldn’t want to ever open. LOL! 🙂

    Do you know what’s even more interesting is that when I saw that very first photo of you on Facebook, I saw a woman filled with grace, elegance and beauty, inside and out. You are just filled with all those qualities along with great love and kindness. I am moved by you.

    I LOVED your remarkable comment on my BECOME THE JOURNEY post. WOW!! What an astounding human being you are. “….2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail…” and “…6000 miles” You are incredible, a GREAT inspiration to me. It is an honor to meet such a refreshing, open and inspired woman. And you REALLY got what I was talking about. I could tell from your comment that it is a truth you have LIVED WELL!! 🙂

    I will meet you on the trail to Alaska…one step at a time.

  7. Wow everyone. I knew I had loving friends here online, but your beautiful words are so amazing to me!

    Marcie~ Cute pun! I like it. Thank you!

    Gwen~ Its so fun to make the packaging as exciting as the present. Its a great way to make loved ones feel special.

    Gaelyn~ Well I am glad you were curious, because now you get to know what is in one of them. =) I hope you enjoy your gift!

    Erin~ Well I learned well from my mum. Why only give partial effort? Its fun to dress each present up. And I am glad you like the bird one….. =)

    ladyfi~ Its lovely to see a new friend on here! I enjoyed exploring your blog! And look forward to visiting again.

    Jayne~ Wow, quite the complement! Thank You! I do enjoy watching Martha, and all the crafts that her staff comes up with. =)

    Bernie~ Well that bird package is not for you, but there is one sitting here with a lovely red bird on it, waiting for you to come home.

    Celia~ Mom and I actually were thinking of offering a present wrapping service this time of year. I am not sure if people would be willing to pay for it. Perhaps. And yes, sometimes I do give a simple gift, and the wrapping dresses it up that much more.

    Barb~ I am so glad I could inspire memories of your Aunt! I think it was a lost art that is slowly coming back into fashion.

    Joan~ How wonderful to hear from you! That indeed is the most magic of gifts in the world! I am so filled with joy for you. I would love to hear more.

    Robin~ My dear new friend. I feel blessed to have the chance to get to know you. You glow with joy and love, and I am so glad I get to experience that. You see the good within me, and this helps in my process of remembering into the being that I am. Thank You!

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