A Mountains Beauty



Today I am Thankful for Natures Amazing Beauty!


My day was filled with crisp winter Beauty.


Mt. Baker shining in the sunlight.


A Bald Eagle circled over me silently as I smiled and enjoyed its company.


Nature never ceases to Amaze me every Moment.


10 thoughts on “A Mountains Beauty

  1. Oh, such a clear view of Mt. Baker. Whenever we go to Vancouver these days, on the way home we get a view of Mt. Baker on clear sunny days. It is our Mount Fuji and I’m often reminded of Hokusai’s woodcuts of the views of Mount Fuji. Am rather surprised no contemporary artist has done a riff on Mt. Baker – in all her guises in all kinds of weather. She is a beauty!. I see you had one of those Ahh… moments which give so much colour to life. G

  2. When the photo loaded at the top of my page, my breath caught in an “Oh!” It’s lovely, Stacey, as are your sentiments. Sometimes words are just clutter in the moment, aren’t they. 🙂

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