Remembering Winthrop



I was looking through my photos yesterday, and came across my collection from when Bernie and I lived in Winthrop Washington. It really is a beautiful and magical place. Looking through the pictures brought back fond memories of our time there. It has such a peaceful “home” feel to it. This first picture was our “back yard”. It was a large field next to our house. It was a lovely open space with great views. On the other side of the house was a couple driveways, and then trees (state land, open for us to explore). We had some fun times out in that field. We hit bright orange golf balls out in that field with about 8 inches of snow. That was a hoot! The snow was pretty crunchy on top, so the ball wouldn’t sink in too often, but once in a while it would dissapear, and it became a treasure hunt.





This old building was always facinating. I loved its colour and strength. Right next to it was a pretty big, old orchard. We would go collect the apples when they were ready in the fall. They weren’t very good quality, very old trees, and very little care. But we would put them in a box in our kitchen, and feed them to the deer that visited our house through the winter. The apples would keep quite a while, and the deer loved the treat when they were having to walk through 4 feet of snow all day long. There was also a very little creeklet that ran right next to this house. It was clear why the house was built on this site, because water is much needed through the dry, hot summers in this area. There actually was a little spring that popped out in the basement of this house, you could see where they once piped this spring for use through the house.





There were so many beautiful plants in this area. This Pondorosa Pine was up where I used to work. I love the shape of it. It truely looks like a Bonsai. Ah, I do love looking at these pictures. I am sure I will spend more time in Winthrop some day. Until then, I will remember my time there with much love!


Sorry I have not been keeping up with posts well at all. I have been keeping up with Facebook much more than I have with my blog. I simply have not been taking pictures lately. But now that I have wandered back into my old photos, perhaps I will take you on a tour of my adventure in Winthrop.


9 thoughts on “Remembering Winthrop

  1. What a beautiful..idyllic place in which to live! Love the landscape..and especially the shape of the ponderosa tree. So extraordinary!!

  2. Memories are wonderful and your stunning photos surely evoke lovely times. Thank you for sharing these stories. While the photos are gorgeous on their own, applying the story brings everything in the photos to life. 🙂

  3. Your reminisces about Winthrop are lovely – I can picture the orange golf balls in the snow. Our dog used to bury yellow tennis balls in the snow, and in the spring, they would “bloom” like daffodils. The photos are magical!

  4. Winthrop and Twisp are both such beautiful places on the eastern Cascades. What a magnificent “back yard” view you had. It’s so serene. I’d sure like to hear more about your time there, and see a pic of where you lived. Your memories bring back good memories of the area for me.
    The idea of orange golf balls in the snow is really fun.

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